iOS 11 to Come Up with a Personalized Control Center?

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Apple has been dominating the tech world since 1976 and each and every device developed by the American multinational company has been mostly well received by the users. The outlook or other specifications of a gadget is definitely important but the most pivotal thing is the operating system. And Apple’s iOS has remained in the good books of most of the users. The iOS 10 also drew all attention and the upgrades provided by it looked highly intriguing, especially the digital message feature and the 3D touch. While iOS 9 which was launched on September 16, 2015 got special attention because of the upgrade in Notes, the users could draw with the inclusion of various tools and image inserts. Apple is known for launching its new operating system in the month of September, therefore, there could be a high possibility of iOS 11 to release in September 2017. The American multinational company has not yet spoken about iOS 11 release date yet but we hope it comes out pretty soon. The upcoming operating system by Apple is definitely going to be equipped with quite a lot of innovative and convenient features. The release date of the operating system might not be nearing but that has not stopped the Apple fanatics from discussing about its predicted features. Apple might have to buck up in terms of upgrading the Control Center this time. The Android users can easily shuffle the first option of the Control Center which cannot be done on Apple devices. Therefore, the users are expecting the iOS 11 to sport this particular feature.


The maximum number of people has been talking about iOS 11 coming up with Dark Mode feature and this speculation has been associated with the operating system since a long period of time. This particular feature will provide a dark theme as the background of the applications and it will further help the users to lower down the brightness while using the device in a pitch dark area.

There is no doubt that Siri has made the Apple user’s life quite convenient but right now it is way behind Google’s Assistant, therefore, it surely needs a major upgrade. Apple did make Siri compatible with almost every third party application but the users have an urge of witnessing Siri getting compatible with the other apps as well. So a much more upgraded version of Siri is definitely expected when the iOS 11 hits the markets.

We can also expect a great upgrade for FaceTime when the eleventh operating system by Apple launches, as sources suggest that the users will be able to make group video calls through FaceTime after downloading the iOS 11. Generally people depend upon Skype, Facebook Messenger and other applications for a group video conference but now it seems that even FaceTime might provide the same facility through iOS 11.

Reports have also pointed out that this time Apple may include a new application for video sharing along with the iOS 11. This particular feature sound quite fun as the videos made through the app can be shared with friends through the social networking sites and one can use various filters while taking the video.

However, there are plenty of rumours regarding the iOS 11 which are doing the rounds and each one of them sounds highly promising. Therefore, the users are definitely looking forward to a much more convenient operating system by Apple this time.

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