Apple Watch 3: Possible Features and Release Date

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Cupertino-based tech giants Apple have been the most consistent tech firm since its inception with the company rolling out the latest devices with the best in class technological advancements year after year. With the wearable industry flourishing by the day, more and more people are opening up to the benefits of using smartwatches. Apple is already the forerunner in the smartwatch market courtesy their line of Smart watches bearing the Apple Watch Moniker but with the likes of companies in the form of Fitbit, Samsung, and Google pushing hard to offer competition, the Cupertino-based firm are definitely looking to up the game.


Rumors of an Apple Watch Series 3 have been substantial since quite some time now with wearable enthusiasts not stopping at anything to find anything concrete about the upcoming smartwatch. Considering the premise surrounding each of these devices, there have been a huge amount of speculations pertaining to the third generation wearable from Apple and the rumors are surely not slated to stop anytime soon.

Apple launched the Apple Watch Series 2 in September 2016 at the same launch event which featured the  iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The latest in the line of premium wearables brought all new features to the table like GPS, a dual-core processor, water-resistance and a brighter OLED display. The Apple Watch series 3 is definitely pegged to sport all of these in additional to other significant ramp ups in different sectors. There have been quite a number of whispers pointing to a significant storage size up grade for the Watch 3 contributing to more room for music and other data. Also, considering the fact that the WWDC 2017 in June will feature the Tim Cook-led company rolling out their latest softwares, there is a very big chance that Watch OS 4 for the Apple Watch Series 3 might also feature at the same event.

Based on a patent file by Apple earlier there have also been rumours stating that the Third generation Apple Watch might just be much thinner than its predecessors with the haptic motor moved to the strap. Other speculations surrounding the device involve a larger display retaining the OLED panel, a bigger battery and a possible bump up in resolution.

Now, another big question surrounding the Apple Watch 3 is when the wearable will make an appearance in the market. Many are of the impression that the upcoming Apple Watch 3 will be the first to bear the iWatch monikor putting it in line with the rest of Apple’s i-device lineup in addition to the fact that the iPhone 7 ‘S’ launch event is poised to feature am Apple Watch ‘S’ variant. If that is the case so, then that does push back the launch of the Apple Watch Series 3 further to 2018. Nevertheless, with the device very much pegged to be yet another revolutionary one from Apple and the premise surrounding the Apple Watch Series 3 is definitely not one to die down anytime in the near future.  do not forget to check all the information about Mac OS 10.13

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