The Leather Cases for iPhone 6s: The Mark of Confidence

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Buying right leather case for iPhone 6s is important for safety and the long term maintenance. Your worthy Apple phone requires additional protection from rain, dirt, mud and other potential hazards. These stunning leather cases collections are designed to be sturdy. It is likely to be used in environments in which they face adverse weather or any environmental attacks.

iPhone 6s leather cases

Breathe some points to avoid any sort of damage with the defense of iPhone 6s leather cases.

1. iBlason Leather Case

This case is created with quality vagan leather with enchanting touch of perfection. Its soft interior of the case is designed to keep safe your iPhone 6s from scratches. There is a feature of holders to keep cards. The best thing is that you can use it as a stand case for facetime, video watching or messaging.

The wallet design is something this case offers so paying for it is not big deal. It understands the value of money. It is quite reasonable and durable company to your phone.


  • Holders for cards
  • Quality vagan leather
  • Can be converted into a stand case

Price: $29.99


2. Pasonomi Leather Case

Pasonomi leather case is surrounded with a window in the front and a transform back view at back. All the precise cut-outs will allow you and have all sort of convenience using your iPhone 6s. The case will safeguard your phone from mild bumps, scratches or dust. This is right for you this if you don’t want to cover your phone with a bulky case.

You can have fun with trendy minimalist profile. It is transparent so your phone will explore the shine through with this case on.


  • Window in the front
  • Transparent back view
  • Minimalist profile

Price: $19.99


3. Caseflex Leather Case

Caseflex leather case offers clear screen protector and soft micro fiber polishing cloth. There is a versatile magnetic closing flip that keeps your phone safe from all hazards. It is crafted in a way to fight the tough real leather, it gives your phone the maximum protection…

It is keen to make a pair with your phone.


  • Magnetic closing flip
  • Screen protector
  • Soft micro fiber polishing cloth

Price: $12.99


4. Shieldon Leather Case

The case is best for a professional use. It has multiple slots inside for cards. You can also double it up for a landscape mode use. It is specifically designed to give you an easy access to your phone, you would love to hang out with your phone if you are looking for a classic leather case.

Your iPhone 6s will make you enjoy a full body protection with this case on. Though the price little high but in return you are getting your phone inside the genuine leather with quality features.


  • Genuine cowhide leather
  • Slots for cards
  • Can be converted into a landscape mode

Price: $65.99


5. Bear Motion Leather Case

Bear Motion leather case is crafted to explore the soft lambskin leather. Your phone will feature durable company of the case. It will give you some privilege to keep some cards in the inside slots. It takes care of your needs so you can convert it into a stand case to enjoy comfortable video watching.

It is a form-fitting case with all the perfect cut-outs for ports and buttons. The case is overall amazing for your iPhone 6s in terms of providing essential features and that also in reasonable price.


  • Soft lambskin leather
  • Inside slots
  • Can be used as a stand case

Price: $29.99


6. Bestpriceam Leather Case

The luxurious design of Bestpriceam leather case looks amazing on your iPhone 6s. Its premium leather quality assures both comfort and the needed protection from scratch or damage. The perfect cut-outs for ports and buttons allow you to use your iPhone 6s without issues.

The magnetic flip keeps your phone secured inside.  It is the most eye candy case for your phone and it will stand out in that condition.


  • Quality leather
  • Attractive design
  • Magnetic Flip

Price: $43.84


7. Pencase Leather Case

Pdncase leather case explores old school look. There are tight holders inside for cards. You are going to have permanent bliss in getting convenience while using your phone since all the cut-outs are designed for comfy access to buttons and ports. It offers comfort fit to your phone perfectly.

It is expensive but paying for worthy case will not be headache for you.


  • Quality leather
  • Card slots
  • Form-fitting look
  • Precise cuts

Price: $25


8. Big Mango Leather Case

Big Mango leather case is light in weight and adds minimal bulk to your phone. The material is authentic which is of genuine leather that is for long lasting use… The soft-textured leather flaunts visual appeal to the case. The stand function will allow you to use your phone conveniently with multiple angles. The well fitted cut-outs will give you comfortable access. You will enjoy its company for your iPhone 6s.

Check it out as it promises to make an elegant pair with your phone.


  • Genuine leather
  • Stand function
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable Video viewing

Price: $13.60


Finding correct Iphone 6s Leather cases

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Amazon offers wide range of leather cases for iPhone 6s, including large hard leather cases and smaller slips. The full listings of available leather cases can be found in its respective category. You can have the option of view item reviews and further details about the seller such as feedback ratings. It shows that the cases can be purchased here with confidence.

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