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The iPhone 6s cases are created for prolonging the life of your phone and it helps immensely in keeping your phone look like brand new. Its primary function is to give provision of protection against spills, bumps and unwanted scratches. It offers us assistance through its features and why it is important to us.

iphone 6s cases

  • It gives protection
  • Reachable to controls.
  • Easy to carry with belt clips to stay hand free.
  • Protects your screen.

Your worthy handset cannot go without case as it needs it for the above use. The list is long with the battery case, waterproof case, wallet case and others undying protective cases. Check different list of iPhone 6s cases for your daily use.

List of Best iPhone 6S cases

1. LifeBox Leather Slim Case

 The leather iPhone 6S case has been expensive but this case comes at reasonable price without compromising on its quality and functionality.  This LifeBox is giving you case of leather look which comes in wide range of colors i.e black, red, yellow, white, and brown. It is impressively malleable case which can fit to your iPhone 6s comfortably. The cut-outs are in proper shape and size and it can be reachable to the switches.

The raised edge on the front to guard the screen when you keep it its face down and even falling from good height will not hurt the screen of your luxurious handset. It has a tempered glass screen protector with a 9H hardness rating in the box. This case is not rugged even it overcomes the accidents.

2. Pad & Quill Bella Fino

The folio-style iPhone 6S cases which is originated from real American full grain leather in whiskey, dark chocolate, or black. It is crafted well and has given logo on the back side and you have option to choose different linings for the interior. iPhone 6s can bear the wooden cradle as it is a bigger phone and obviously you want to carry something light in weight. If you are carrying this case then there is no need to carry extra purse or wallet for keeping your belonging like cards, cash and ID. The four slots will not make you feel to take anything extra in your hand. The back corner space is left for the camera lenses or flash. This case is not rugged so might be partially protective for your phone. If you will over stuff the cards and money, it might flap open little bit.

3. X-Doria Defense Shield

There are plenty of people who do not prefer covering the beauty of their phone with cases and at the same time they need ultimate defense for their phone as well. In that best iPhone 6S case only one name comes in my mind i.e X-Doria’s Defense Shield. The case is created in two ways, one is a military-grade, and machined aluminum frame and a clear polycarbonate back with a rubber lining along with the edges that hold the phone. Its design is unique as it packs the plastic back on first, and then wiggles the metal frame onto the rubber edges. Who do not like the military drop protection for their phone? When it faces the drop from 6.6 feet even there will be no damage in maximum condition. The raised lip give safety to the screen and the rubber grip on the back offers exemplary durability.

4. Mophie Juice Pack

Mophie is best when it comes to battery case. Its latest Juice Pack case for the iPhone 6s is bit bulky for your bigger sized Phablet, but you cannot ignore the assistance of 2,600mAh battery inside the case. This case gives 14.5 hours for extra fun for watching long hour videos and for extra long browsing with the 60 percent more battery provision. No accidental drops or scratches suffer your phone. Mophie has availability of black, gold, and white color. Through LEDs on the back, you can check your battery power consumption status. Juice pack charges via Micro USB for portability.

5. Pigen Slim Armor CS

The Slim Armor CS case for iPhone 6S offers dual-layer protection due to the polycarbonate and TPU presence. The back panel is for easy slide up and quiet easy to reach to the credit card or ID. This case slick back paneling will not make you feel comfortable in holding your phone.

6. Rokform Sport v3 iPhone 6S

California-based Rokform is rugged case with high-impact polycarbonate frame to give extraordinary safety. The Sport v3 also keeps your phone safe and its integrated mounting system makes it compatible with your car’s dashboard to your bicycle’s handlebars by using the magnetic backing and coupled adapter. Wide range of designs and colors available in 7 different shades is for your different moods and need.

7. PureGear DualTek Case for iphone 6S

If your phone often meets with accidental drops then nothing is better than rugged case. It has military standards for drop testing and it is flaunted with reinforced corners which is quite bearable. This trendy case has precise cut-outs for the ports and camera. Its buttons have covers along with the surplus grip. This case is reasonably priced though it is rugged case with different colors like white and grey, or black and grey.

8. Tech21 Classic Shell with Cover Case

This iPhone 6S case is better in standard with that of TPU shell and the Tech21’s impact resistant is 3DO material, as it acts as a safety net for you. You can open it conveniently with its folio style to give overall defense to your phone. Its shell is malleable and impressively comfortable to fit and the back is virtually transparent. Tech21’s signature orange band is all over the outside that provides fascinating effect. There are cut-outs for all kind of use.

9. Speck CandyShell Inked Case

Speck has great look so it compliments your iPhone 6s versatility along with protection offering. Speck has three colorful designs which feature a supernova, a floral pattern, or a raindrop pattern. It has military standards for drop tests and very vibrant and trendy in color. Cut-outs are made for comfortable use of camera, and other volume buttons and button covers. It partially gives your phone attention. Designs are for sometimes so durability is more meaningful for the buyers.

10. Cover-Up #Woodback Snap Case

This wooden case has attended the various criteria to get attention. Though it is wooden textured even it offers all like protection for guarding your iPhone 6s. It has a Cover-Up, which have potential to break the bank. The permanence in durability and its polycarbonate case make amazing effort. It is available in black, which is crafted with a wooden panel on the back side. The variety of woods is available like maple, mahogany and cedar for your choosy nature. The cut-outs will not let you suffer your usability.

11. Magpul Carrying Case

Magpul meets different criteria to keep all of a sudden danger at bay. They are comfy and wearing this case for iPhone 6s will not be only choice but its performance will act according to the moment. If you want everything in such reasonable rate then go for it, as you are not missing anything due to the lesser cost. Its flexible TPU material gives more room to safety. This case is little thick and its grid pattern is directly proportional to the extra grip. The lip around the front of the case is for protecting the screen form breakage and it has exact openings for the button cover. It will not be easier for injecting the headphone in the port due to the thickness of the case.

12. Rhinoshield Crash Guard Bumper

Rhinoshield can give seven different colors with the support of strong bumper. The matte finish has actual softness in texture along with provision of good grip. The button covers is visible as it is apparently marked so no effort for looking on it… There are well fitted openings for your ports but if you want to insert third-party accessories with larger jacks, which might not go inside. Its bumper gives bulkiness to the lightweight iPhone 6s but the 15feet drop test is also attracting the attention.

13. Incipio offGrid Express

This battery case is highly powered so with this you cannot stay away from your phone ever. iPhone 6s battery power is already sufficient to run for whole day but battery case is will offer more talk time and will make you live peacefully without fear of drainage of battery power. Apart from this it works well in looking after your phone’s edges and its lip is designed to guard the screen with perfection…

14. Lifeproof Nuud case

Its thick plastic makes your case water-resistant. It is tight sealed on your iPhone 6s glass screen. Touch screen phone cannot run properly under water so give your phone the company of shockproof and dirtproof Nuud. The stunning design with safety zone, this case is worth buying.

15. The Mujjo case

The Mujjo wallet case is made up of leather and its great and shower style attracts all age group people… Its leather is unlike other general leather case, which does not offer smoothness and soft in touch. Cards are quite fit into the pocket of the wallet and its raised lip is for guarding the edges or corners of iPhone 6s. Its opening is worth and it has particular space for different cards which means full comfort in use while providing unlimited safety. It has got a strength that occasional accidents will lead to the breakage of the phone.

16. Patchworks ITG Level Case

The ITG Level case explores the classic dual-layer design with tough polycarbonate to cover up the exterior side and with shock absorbing TPU inside. Its military drop test standard is 810G, so you can count on your Patchwork case. There is no relation between using the case and providing bulk to you phone as it is lightweight and sleek even you use the case for it.

The raised bezels will keep your phone safe from keeping it even face down and it cut-outs are cozy. The sides are also for the grip and the button covers. These four colors like black, white, red, or sand can be yours.

17. Tech21 Evo Mesh Case

Tech 21 is a TPU case which gives solid drop protection and it is sleep in look. It has conserved the essentials for the phone. It has white, pink, and blue, as well as smoky red and black colors. It has a tough bezel on the front to protect the screen from tough attacks. The openings are finely cut and the case is appealing to enhance the look of your iPhone 6s. This translucent case is, no wonder will not hide the phone’s design.

18. Toffee Flip Wallet Case

This wallet case is wonderful in looking and quality wise is also perfect. Its bizarre design is so attractive and compatible iPhone 6s. Its genuine leather in black, red, or brown covers its exterior while for the inside there’s a hard shell that holds your phone in correct place. It has the precise cut-outs for easy access, and it has attractive blue check or blue dot lining that makes it apart from others cases. There are three slots for credit cards and ID, and a large pouch for cash. The elastic closure keeps the phone and other extra stuff safe inside. Easy to open the case to take up the call and for other use.

19. Kenu Highline

This case is bit different from others. There are iPhone 6s which had a bungie cord attached, so it will not able to hit the ground, even if you dropped it. Kenu is available with a very minimal shell in matte black, with large cut-outs, and a texture that really flaunts your grip. From protection point of view it is little to safe to use but you can say that the elastic leash is for this. It has a kelver core which shows that it will not break. There are clips onto the case and into the Lightning port.

 20. Inner Exile Hydra Self-Healing Case

It is a transparent case that will not deter the iPhone 6s design and its metal shining will be explored from inside. This case offers to get rid of scratches, bumps and other attacks. This will satisfy your all usability by giving exposure to all ports and cameras. Nominal scratches will fade away at room temperature, and you can speed up the healing process with the warmth of your touch. Get this case in different colors and design in the market. The case is durable and performs well at the time of instant attack.

All the beautiful and popular cases for iPhone 6s cases are available on Amazon with amazing price and if you will buy through coupon, there will be more privilege to save more. You can check other sites apart from Amazon like eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, Flipkart and more. All the bizarre collection at Amazon is available to seduce you and make you buy without thinking twice. So, why pay more if you can be part of smart shopping.

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