Top 5 iPhone 5s Battery Cases to Give Your Smartphone Extra Battery Life

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Smartphones exhaust a lot of battery and though iPhone 5s have made some progress in this genre, yet if you are using a lot of applications, then the battery is not going to last long. This becomes a serious problem,if you do not have the provision of charging the phone at ease. In such cases battery cases come into great use as they enhance the talktime as well as standby time of the phone.

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Here are the five best battery cases that are specially designed for iPhone 5s:

Mophie iPhone 5s Battery Packs

The Mophie iPhone 5s battery packs comes in four different varieties namely the Space pack, the Air, the Helium and the Plus. The battery capacity of all these cases isquite high. Space pack was launched by Mophie recently and it has somecool features that are not present in any other smartphone battery cases. Amongst the many features, the USP of this battery case is the extra storage capacity of the case. Files can transferred easily to the battery using specific applications. The price of the case is between79.95$ – 149.95$ and the battery’s capacity is 1500 – 1700 mAh.

Minzos’s Voltanium X

If you are looking for a power packed battery case, then Voltanium X is the best option available for you. This case is certified by Apple and has 2400mAh power, thus ensuring that when the case is fully charged, its standby and talk time will simply double. Apart from its high performance, this case also comes with a screen protector and back cover. This battery case is made up of premium materials that offer full protection to the phone. Moreover, this case has a smart charger where the power automatically cuts off once the battery is full, therefore ensuring there is no overheating issues. This battery has 2400mAh power and comes at a price of 139.97$.

PhoneSuite Elite

PhoneSuite is the smartest of all the iPhone 5s phone covers. This cover fits into the phone smoothly,is accessorized by metallic add ons and has cut outs for ear phones, charger and other ports in the phone and comes with ergonomic comforts suited for iPhone 5s. Moreover, the battery of the case gets charged up quickly and is quite durable. The power of the battery present in this case is 2100mAh and its price is about 99.95$.


If we describe Lenmar’s battery case in a word, then we cansimply say it is chic. Moreover, performance wise as well it provides twice battery power in comparison to thenormal battery and at the same time protects the iPhone. A positive factor about this case is that it weighs like a feather and thus does not add on to the weight of the phone. It comes in a large variety of the colors, thereby leaving the fashionistas with enough options to choose from. This case comes with a 2300mAh battery capacity at the price of 89.99$.


If you have a tight budget, then PowerSkin is the best battery case option available to you as it comes with a price tag of only 59.99$. However, most of the retail shops are running out of the stocks of PowerSkin and therefore you must search for it on the online stores. PowerSkin is the thinnest of all the battery cases and it comes with 1500 mAh power.

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