Best iPhone 6 And 6 Plus Stylus That Are Hot This Year

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If you are looking for a best alternative to use the touch screen of your Apple iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus more effectively rather than using your fingertips, then opting for a stylus would be a wise choice. Today’s mobile accessories market is flooded with an array of fully functional stylus in different types, shades and styles to suit your precious Apple gadget. If you are keen on buying a best stylus for your high end gadget, then I will guide you through some of the best ones available in the market right from the ones made from stainless steel to aluminum, which are designed to let your fingertips take rest for a while. But I can assure you that you will go gaga over some of the styluses that I would be introducing as some can double up as a pen too. How exciting isn’t it?

List of Best iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Stylus in 2015

1. LK Capacitive Stylus in Rainbow shades


This arrives in an attractive pack of 10 that consists of different glossy metallic shades that look like a rainbow. It has a slim design and is bestowed with a clip to help you keep it safe on your shirt pockets. These styluses are designed with a rubberized tip that eliminates all possibilities of causing any kind of scratch on the screen surface of your iPhone 6 and can respond with excellent accuracy. It is compatible with various devices with touch screen and it also arrives with a micro fiber cloth for free to help your iPhone screen to remain free from dust.


  • 10 in a pack
  • Stylish colors in metallic hue
  • Has side clip for storage
  • Rubber tip
  • Compatible with all touch screen gadgets
  • High accuracy

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2. Griffin Technology stylus for iPhone 6 plus

This stylus from Griffin arrives with a rubber tip and has a balanced pointer to replicate the user’s finger tip on your touch screen. The tip of this stylus is omni directional which makes it blend well with all hand writing style, hence you need not worry if you are a left handed user. Your iPhone touch screen would be free from all kinds of smudges as it exerts better control over it. It is ideal for sketching, gaming, deal with photography apps, drawing and so on as it offers best degree of control than the way you use your fingertips. It also has a well integrated clip which can be attached to your pockets or bags while you are carrying it around. It is compatible with all gadgets with a touch screen.


  • Has point of high sensitivity which prevents scratches and smudges
  • Omni directional tip
  • Best for left handed and right handed users
  • Attachable integrated side clip
  • Compatible with all apps

3. amPen Capacitive Stylus


This is an ultra sensitive stylus offered by amPen which is a must have accessory for your device with touch screen. This stylus is perfect for an array of devices created by apple, Samsung, HTC etc. It arrives in a pen like design and is crafted out of aluminum and has a durable tip of soft material which helps you stay assured that your device would be scratch free after operation.


  • Ultra sensitive device
  • Durable Aluminum body
  • Can go well with all devices by major players
  • Soft tip of high quality material

Available at

4. BIRUGEAR 7 piece Universal Pen Style Stylus


If you tend to lose the stylus of your phone, you can rest assured that you will not lose it when you purchase this pen like stylus available as a set of seven at the price of just one stylus. It arrives in eye grabbing shades like blue, yellow, pink, rose, green, black and purple. It does not have a bulky look and is highly responsive to your streaks. It has a soft outer material with a tip made from soft rubber. The clip design and attachment chord requires a special mention.

  • Affordable price
  • 7 piece set
  • Clip design
  • Super responsive
  • Rubber tip
  • Bright colors
  • Attachment chord

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5. Josi Minea Fine Point Stylus


I’m quite sure that this stylus would be the favorite of all teenage girls out there as it arrives in a ravishing glossy hot pink shade and has a slim design. This light weight stylus flaunts a conductive disc on its tip to help you draw pictures or write messages with utmost clarity and speed. It has its exterior made from aluminum and steel which makes it a durable choice. Its penis also designed in same shade making it look like a premium pen. You can also choose from other shades like blue, pink, red, blue, green etc. It is compatible with an array of touch screen devices.

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  • Light weight body
  • Aluminum exteriors
  • Special Hot pink shade
  • Available in 4 other shades
  • Conductive disc tip
  • Used on all touch screen devices

6. JOTO Stylus for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus


This 2 in 1 stylus is highly sensitive and sports a ball point tip on its other side making it serve as a pen and stylus. This dual purpose accessory has a slim profile and a tip of microfibers which eliminates scratches, smudges or fine lines on the touch screen surface. You can purchase this stylish stylus in two different shades like black and silver at pocket friendly prices.

  • 2 in 1 stylus
  • Doubles as a pen
  • Microfiber tip
  • Two attractive shades
  • Affordable price
  • Has ball pen point

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7. Ace Teah Stylus


This stylus has a practical design and arrives with a side clip to hold on your pockets, bags etc. It arrives with a thin look and has a sturdy tip made with green fabric that assures the much needed rest to your finger tips when you use it on the touch screen. It arrives in an exciting combination of black and silver. It can double up as a pen with black ink and the surprise is you can replace the cartridge as soon as your exhaust it.


  • Practical design
  • Side clip design
  • Green fabric tip
  • Thin profile
  • Replaceable black ink cartridge
  • Can be used as pen

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8. Incipio Inscribe Excutive Stylus plus pen for iPhone 6 Plus

This executive stylus from Incipio can also be used as a pen and sports a tip with omni direction to capture your hand strokes accurately. It helps you to write, draw, sketch, tap or drag on the touch screen of your gadget. You can carry it around easily with its integrated clip and can be used right away as soon as you take it out of its package. It mimics your finger aptly as it is designed with a rubber tip. If you hate to see scratches or smudges on your iPhone 6 plus’s surface screen, then this stylus is a best option. It can also be used as a pen and is compatible with Smartphone and tablets.  It comes in stunning shades of red and black.


  • Can be used as a pen and as a stylus
  •  Omni directional tip
  • Compatible with all smartphones and tablets
  • Prevents smudges and fingerprints
  • Easy to transport side clips
  • Available in two shades – black and red

9. Senbowe Mini Capacitive Stylus


If you need styluses in various shades to suit your attire and at an affordable range then it is essential for you to opt for the ones offered by the brand, Senbowe. It arrives in set of 10 in beautiful shades while flaunting a soft tip and a cord at its end to enable you carry it effortlessly. It is available in a very small size that makes it easy for you to tuck it inside your bag or pocket. It is compatible with smartphones and other devices with touch screens and pads. It has a silicon tip which prevents any kind of scratches or smudges on your iPhone’s touch screen surface.

  • Available in sets of 10
  • 10 stunning shades
  • Affordable price
  • Mini size
  • Silicon tip

Check out the website of

10. Amazon Basics Capacitive Stylus


This black colored stylus is a must have option for both iPhone 6 users and iPhone 6 plus users as they have the liberty to choose the ones with different tip sizes ranging from 7mm, 6mm and 5 mm. This is stylus that looks like a regular pen with its non bulky avatar and is made with aluminum housing material. It has a pocket clip to carry it easily and is compatible with almost all tablets and smartphones.

  • Arrives in sleek black shade
  • Available in different tip sizes
  • Compatibility with tablets and smartphones
  • Non bulky profile
  • Pocket clip
  • Aluminum exterior

Available at

Be it the ones with funky colors or the sophisticated ones in solid shades of black or silver, I have given the list of them all which I think would be useful for you. With so many options of styluses available at hand, you can be sure of picking the best one for your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus device without any hassles. You can also find many more brands of styluses available at online shopping sites and choose the ones based on your requirements.

Happy stylus shopping!

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