Griffin Introduces Stunning Accessories Optimised For iOS Gadgets

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Griffin Technology, the premium accessory manufacturer for Apple devices, which is known for offering products with a thoughtful and innovative design, has unveiled 4 brand new charging accessories at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015. The accessory line up includes Powerjolt Premium car charger of 12 V, PowerBlock 3, PowerBlock Wall Dock to hold the gadget up on the wall while charging and PowerDock Pro. This bunch of Griffin accessories car and home is expected to hit the markets in fall or summer this year. These accessories have excellent storage, built in chord storage facility, small space and travel friendly design, which enables the user to charge three different devices at the same time. As usual, the accessory maker has designed its products for with advanced features and has bestowed it with exceptional qualities that would make it an excellent choice for your gadgets. So what is so special about these accessories by Griffin introduced in CES 2015? Let’s find out…


1. Griffin PowerBlock 3 Wall Charger

The Griffin PowerBlock 3 Wall Charger is developed in such a way to let you charge 3 different gadgets at one go as it has massive ports of 10 watts. It is equipped with a ChargeSensor technology backed by space saving design which is aimed at optimizing the device charging experience. This 3 wall charger is ideal for charging various devices like e-readers, smartphones and tablets. This wall charger looks stylish and is constructed with high end materials, which makes it worth the wait. You can lay your hands during the summer season this year and would be priced at $39.99.



  • Ports with 10 watts
  • Ability to charge three different gadgets
  • Equipped with ChangeSensor technology
  • Small space saving footprint

2. Griffin PowerDock Pro


This PowerDock Pro arrives with five ports to charge the device with high efficiency. The charging power of 12 watts of this device is well supported by the stunning ChargeSensor technology which is also termed as ChargeSensor circuitry. This indicates that this has the ability to charge your device at lightning speed. The chord management system which is built in the PowerDock Pro and a hidden cable storage compartment makes it a space saver and hassle free device. In addition, there is no need to remove the device case in order to charge your device. Griffin takes extra care to design the charging bays to let you enjoy hassle free handling. This accessory is available at a price of Rs. $129.99 and would hit the markets by this fall season.


  • It has 5 ports and slots
  • It has a charging power of 12 watts
  • Bestowed with Charge Sensor circuitry
  • Cable storage is breezy with built in system
  • Has hidden compartment for storing cable

3. Griffin PowerBlock Wall Dock


The PowerBlock wall dock is designed with 12 W which means it can charge your device at a swift pace which is expected to surpass your expectations. It also has a lightning cable measuring 4 feet to help you stay free from any kind of difficulty while charging and to let you charge your gadget at any location of your convenience. This Griffin device can let your device sync with it smoothly and would allow the touch screen display freely without hindering its function.  You can find this accessory in stores by fall 2015 at the price of $34.99.


  • 12 W Power
  • Lightning cable with 4 feet length

4. Griffin PowerJolt Premium Car Charger


This Premium Car Charger has a power of 12 volts and its length cable of 4 feet lets you charge your device any where you wish to. The exteriors made with premium aluminium material makes this lightning car charger a durable one. It is also available as a version with power cable with detachable ability to offer a hassle free charging experience. Priced at just $34.99, this Griffin car charger is a best find to help you charge your device while on your four wheeler. This accessory would reach the markets by this fall season.


  • Car charger
  • 12 w power
  • Cable with a length of 4 feet
  • Housing material made of aluminium

With so many features and stylish look, these accessories by Griffin have already piqued the interests of many gadget buffs. So let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait for these beauties until they arrive during the summer and fall season this year!

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