Different ways to Save Instagram Photos to iPhone Camera Roll

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It is true that Instagram is a popular social network and a great photo sharing platform across the globe. However one issue that most of the Instagram users like you often complain is that it does not allow you to save photos that are posted by other users, as it has a policy to protect its user’s privacy. However, you might be tempted to save some stunning photos like your favorite recipe, a cute pet or an adorable baby that you find on Instagram. However, the good news is that you can now save any photos you find on this photo sharing platform to the camera roll of your iPhone with the help of a third party app, web viewer and other such ways.

But one thing that you need to remember is that you have to pay attention to the request by Instagram to respect one’s privacy and obtain permission before you save the pics. If you wish to express your love for a particular picture in a post, you can always double tap on it to post your ‘like’ for it.

Go for Instagram App

You can capture photos on the move with the built in camera link of Instagram and edit it before you post it. If you wish to save these pictures to your iPhone camera roll then just tap on the profile icon of the app found at the right side bottom and then choose ‘gear’ icon on the top right. Then scroll down to find the ‘preferences’ tab and toggle ‘save original photos’ to set it ON. Hence make sure that the Instagram photos that you shoot, edit and post is in the highest resolution while you save it on your iPhone. I would advice you to opt for 2048 X 2048 pixel if you own iPhone 4 and 1536 X 1536 pixel if you are using iPhone 3Gs.

IOS Apps

You can find many apps on the app store to help you browse through the Instagram and save the photos that you like on your device. You can find many useful apps like InstaSync apps, Instake, Instaker Free, Instaport free to help you save pics on your gadget’s camera roll. You can grab any one of such apps for free and you can also opt for premium apps that are free of ads. These apps would need access to your photo library on your iPhone. If you love to make this app fully functional then sign in to the Instagram account. Being a pics lover, I usually double tap the pics on Instagram that I like and then click on ‘download’ button to save it on the camera roll of my device.

Web viewers for Instagram

You can make use of the safari app in your iPhone to get access to web viewers of Instagram. You can make use of the ones that are authorized by Instagram such as Webstagram, Gramfeed and Statigram. These web viewers would ask your authorization to access your account on Instagram before letting you to browse the pages of other users. You can perform a search using popularity, subject or by even hash tags. First maximize a photo on the screen by double tapping it and then press it to choose the pop up, Save Image. Voila! now your camera roll would have this photo in it!

You can navigate to any Instagram photo based on your preference on your gadget with the apps I have mentioned above or use the web viewers to access. Then try to reverse pinch a picture to enlarge it. You can now take a screen shot of this photo by pressing both the sleep and wake button together. You can find these buttons located on the upper right of your device and also press the home button found beneath the iPhone screen. This action would save the copy of the photo on your camera roll with good resolution that is compatible with the model of iPhone that you own.

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