Exquisite Handmade Cases for Your Stunner iPhone 6 Plus

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Well, if you had already spent a fortune on all new iPhone 6 Plus, then you must be looking for a chic phone cover to protect it. You have surely come across plenty of economical phone covers in bright colors that look really appealing, but think twice before using them as your elegant iPhone 6 Plus definitely deserves a lot more. Here are some exquisite handmade cases for your iPhone 6 Plus. These handmade cases are made of wool, leather or bamboo that not only adds sophistication to your gadget but at the same time protects it. If you have a taste for handmade things take a look at these exclusive assortment.

Alano’s Wallet Collection


Alano’s beautifully styled iPhone 6 Plus gadget would appear like a small pocket book from a distance. It is made of leather and has two pockets for keeping petty cash and 5 card slots. Moreover, it has a magnetic phone tray to keep the phone and an elastic band to keep all things tied together. There are many designs in the same style with beautiful leather finish and comes with a price tag of $119.90.

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Hardgraft’s Handmade Cases


If you are looking for a soft leather cover, then Hardgraft’s handmade case is definitely meant for you. The soft leather finish of the cover is really alluring and in the interior there is a woolen cover to keep the screen free from scratches. You will also find two slots for keeping cash and card inside this cover. It is available in various stores at only 85$.

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Olina’s Exclusive Hardwood Bamboo case


This case is made out of bamboo but the interior is made of velvet. The sturdy exterior promises to safeguard the phone from accidental fall etc, whereas the velvety interior protects the screen of the phone from scratches. There is a neat craving on the back of the cover that makes it look beautiful. This cover comes in two pieces which fit into each other perfectly. All this you would get only at $58.

Arya Folio Cover for iPhone 6 Plus

If you are looking for a sleek and stylish cover for your iPhone 6 Plus, then Arya Folio’s handmade covers is the one for you. Its range of cover has the same style in solid cover like red, black, beige and tan. It is going to protect your pricey phone and at the same time make you look stylish. And the best part is this beautiful cover is available only at $50.95.

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Italy Oil Leather Case


If you want to appear in a retro avatar, then this beautiful original leather case stylized in a retro fashion is for you. It is a light weight case that will protect your phone from all sorts of scratches and dirt. There are many slots inside the cover to keep cards and cash. And it comes with a built in stand as well. This case is available on Amazon and comes with a price tag of $99.99.

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Labato’s Handmade Case for iPhone 6 Plus


Labato’s wallet style handmade cover is made from genuine cow leather that promises to protect the expensive phone from dirt, dust and all other elements that can cause harm to the phone. You will find in varied hues like red, blue, brown and black. It is very slim and comes with a magnetic clasp to keep the phone in place. It has many pockets for safekeeping your cash and cards as well as a built in stand so that you can watch videos or photos comfortably. This cover is also available at Amazon with a price tag of $49.99.

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You would find some other variety of handmade iPhone 6 Plus covers, but these were the most unique and stylish amongst all of them. Place your order quickly to safeguard your phone and stay stylish. Cheers!!

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