“Cannot connect to iTunes Store” Error? Here’s How to Fix it

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Are you proud owner of any of iPhone/iPad/iPod? If you have been using any of these for quite some time now, you must have encountered the error of ‘Cannot Connect to iTunes Store‘, while trying to connect your esteemed device to Apple’s official store, right? Most of the time it happens when you are trying to access App Store when it’s being update. Internet issues also cause this problem. Knowing the fix for this annoying error is must for all iOS users. If you are willing to know that, then just keep reading the post ahead.


Check Your Internet Connectivity:

Just as mentioned earlier, one of the major causes of the error in talk is issue with internet connectivity. So, before you proceed ahead, make sure the internet is working. You may try resetting WiFi router if Internet is not working. In case it’s any problem from ISP’s end, you need to contact them.

Disable/Enable iTunes Parental Controls:

By doing so, you will most likely end the error. Below are the detailed steps that you need to follow.

  • First of all launch iTunes and from the top of menu, go to ‘Preferences‘.iTunes-Preferences1
  • Then head over to ‘Parental Control’ tab and there, enable access to iTunes U, while disable the access to iTunes Store.Allow-Access-to-iTunes-U
  • Close the iTunes and then open it again. If you are sent to iTunes U without any hassle, then you need to go back to parental control section and enable the access to iTunes Store.iTunes-Store-Parental-Controls
  • Once again close iTunes and then open it. You will now be connected to iTunes without facing any error at all.

Software Update:

The old version of software may be the reason why you are facing the annoying error. In such case, you need to update your software. Below are the steps you need to follow to do so.

  • First of all, head over to Settings—General—Software Update.
  • There you can start the software update if it’s already not up-to-date.
  • It’s better if you take time to check out the version of your Mac OS X, and update it if required.
  • The plus point would be checking out the versions of iTunes and Safari and making sure if they are up-to-date.

Troubleshoot Firewall Issue:

If none of the above methods worked for you, you need to face the troubleshoot firewall issue. Methods are different depending on if you are using Mac or Windows PC. Explaining steps for different devices in different sections.

Steps to Troubleshoot Issues on Windows

  • In case the iTunes Store is empty and displays nothing other than ‘iTune Store’, you need to follow few steps. The steps are well-explained on official site of Apple. Click here to go there.
  • You need to follow few simple steps to troubleshoot iTunes connectivity in Windows. The steps are quite simple and you don’t need to be techie to understand them. Thanks to Apple for explaining them best possible manner and thus making them even simpler. Click here to check out those steps.
  • Configure Windows firewall so that it let iTunes access iTunes Store. The steps are different depending on version of Windows you are using. Apple has support sections for all. Just head over to official site and search regarding your version of Windows.
  • In case there are any proxies, make sure to disable them. Believe me, they create mess most of time.

Host Files Could be Causing Issue

Who knows that host files could be reason behind the annoying error you are getting all the time. In such case, you need to follow below steps.

  • First of all, you need to get the host files. For this, just head over to  C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32DRIVERSETC.
  • Click the host files and you will get Copy of hosts” or “hosts-copy”.
  • Move the original host files to your desktop.
  • Open the duplicate file via the right click on it. The next dialog will ask you to choose the program that you wish to use to open the file. So, tell about your choice. Not any random one, but Notepad only.
  • In the Notepad, select Edit > Select All. 
  • Now select File > Save.
  • After closing the Notepad, right click on the duplicate file and from the options that come, select Rename.
  • Now just type ‘hosts’ and then press Enter button.
  • Restart the PC and try connecting to iTunes again.

Steps to Troubleshoot Issue on Mac

  • Your firewall may be the reason why you are getting annoying error again and again. So, you must end that issue first. Of course, for this, you need to configure the firewall. Apple has well-detailed article explaining how to do so. Click here to reach that.
  • Resetting keychain may also solve the issue. Click here to know about how to do so.


Done trying all solutions listed above, but are still getting the same annoying error? So, here we give up. The last solution is performing hard-reset. For this, you need to press and hold home and power buttons together till screen of your iPhone goes blank. Now press and hold the Power button till you see Apple logo on the screen.

That’s it. You have successfully learned the ways to fix “Cannot Connect to iTunes Store”. Now implement these methods and get rid of annoying error. In case you need any help from us, do use the below comment section.

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