How to Kill All Apps at Once in iOS 8

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How many of you have been using iOS 8 based device for some time now? Those who are, must be getting annoyed daily because of complexity that lies in killing the apps. Pressing home button and swiping the running apps is nothing but head aching, right? Don’t you wish that there should have been simpler way to kill all apps at once in iOS 8? Would you like to give that wish a practical form? If yes, then just keep reading ahead.

How to Kill All Apps at Once in iOS 8

If you have jailbroken your esteemed iOS device, then you just need to have recently updated Cydia tweak called KillBackground8 with youThis new tweak lets iOS 8 users kill all the apps at once with ease.

Killing apps at once in iOS 8 is pretty simple. In the next section, I am providing step-by-step info on how to do so.

How to Kill All Apps at Once in iOS 8

  • First of all, launch the Cydia and there search for the KillBackground8 and then install it. After the tweak gets installed successfully, you will be asked to respring the dashboard. Just do it!
  • Now launch the Settings and tap on KillBackground8. Make sure to set the option as Enabled.

It’s time to launch the multitasking switcher. The way to do so is just the old one. Yeah, double press the Home button. In the AppSwitcher view, you will notice a circle with a skull. Just tap on it to kill all running apps at once.

If you want to bring customization in this feature, then also this is possible. Following are the features that you get in KillBackground8.

Auto Close Switcher: This is to close the switcher once you are done quitting all apps.

Big Button: Use this option to place big button to left and right.

Exclude Apps: Use this option to select the apps that you don’t wish to kill.

Button on the left: Use this to place quite button on the left.

That’s it. Now you know how to kill apps at once in iOS 8. What are you waiting for? It’s time to make use of this amazing tweak and implement the steps that you just learned from this post. I am sure you won’t face any problem at all, as the things are pretty straightforward and simple. Still, if you need any help, don’t hesitate to reach us with your queries using the below comment section.

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