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Earlier iTunes was the part of the media players but with the latest version of iTunes, users cannot navigate with it and their media. There is a hub among people as the latest version has different interface, which cannot let the users directly switch to the sidebar in the menu.  Everyone is having problem, as you cannot see sidebar by default.


You have the way to view sidebar in menu in iTunes 12 but the new sidebar will have another process to bring media in iTunes and iOS on Mac, which allows the users to move to the Playlist.  Yes for the sidebar view, you need to click on Playlist.

Steps of switching to the sidebar in menu

You must be considerably looking for the way out for the sidebar quick view in menu. So check out below my tutorial, which will explain you, merely simple steps:

Step 1: Firstly, you need to switch to media player screen in iTunes. Press the button of ‘Playlist’.

Step 2. The media view allows the Playlist mode and after that, you will able to see sidebar in the left side. Whereas if you move out of the Playlist mode then sidebar will not be visible to you as it will be hidden from iTunes.

Now you can see all the menu options like music, media playlist and so on.

Do you think you are out the problem. I would say no as issue still persist because sidebar does not stay in Playlist view always.

There is no way to pronounce the way to the default view of the sidebar in iTunes 12 on Mac. You just need to stick to the Playlist view and you can also opt for switch to Playlist view if required. With the latest version of iTunes 12 sidebar cannot ever be visible but you can stay positive for the new upcoming version, which may bring the sidebar with the default view.

The new sidebar can be able to be applied in all versions of iTunes 12 and with any version of Mac or windows.


The latest version of iTunes has landed many people in trouble using sidebar. The new way to switch to the sidebar is not sufficient for the users so they are not satisfied with the same.

iTunes 12 is the default in OS X Yosemite so there is no chance to use prior version of iTunes. The users have a benefit of having OS X Mavericks and the prior version of the Mac operating system. In that case, earlier version of iTunes is feasible. Therefore it is feasible that future version of iOS will come with the older interface.

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