Some Features That the Upcoming iOS 9 Could Bring and its Time of Release

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This year Apple released iOS 8. Outwardly, it was similar to previous iOS releases. But in reality, it was way different than any OS release that took place in the past. iOS 8 is flooded with exciting features. If we start making a list of them, it would be hard for us to wrap up.

iOS_9_release_date_rumoursApart from features, iOS 8 is widely discussed for the updates that followed the GM version release. iOS 8 Gold Master version launched in September. There were three updates back to back between September and October. The last update was iOS 8.1.1. It was released in October 20, 2014.

Industry experts are of the opinion that Apple will continue with minor improvements till the first quarter of 2015. Afterward, Apple will concentrate on iOS 9, rumors on which are slowly getting consolidated. lowly In this sense, it’s too early for us to speculate the features on iOS 9. However, we’re only speculating, not predicting. Besides, iOS 8 updates are pretty much waste of time because iOS 8 has already been labelled as the buggiest iOS release ever.

So it’s better we present a wishlist to Apple that will include all the features and improvements that we want to see on iOS 9.

The first thing that we’d like to see on iOS 9 is

A More Improved Siri

It’s a subconscious deliberation that whenever we come across something humanoid (Even if the resemblance is borderline), we start imposing anthropomorphic attributes on it.

Why should Siri be an exception?

Besides, Apple is making it more and more humanoid with every new iOS version. On iOS 9, we want to see an overhauled Siri. It should be more intelligent. Apple spared Siri some improvements on iOS 8. But that’s not enough, we need more. Besides, the ‘Hey Siri’ command was used by some to bypass the lock screen feature. So making Siri completely bug free should also be a major consideration for Apple.

The voice quality should be another of Apple’s considerations. Apple could learn from Microsoft’s Cortana. It had a harsh voice previously; Microsoft has recently softened it up, making it sound like human. Adding voice recognition to Siri should be Apple’s priority. Everyone can say ‘Hey Siri’, which means if your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch is stolen, Siri will serve the stealer. How annoying does it sound?

Siri does need makeover.

More Space for Third Party Apps

Apple does allow third party apps but keeps all the primary operations sealed. This should change. Lately when devices are harnessing the power of third party apps and adding everything to its ecosystem, ranging from security to entertainment, Apple’s locked down system could only piss users.

What we want to see on iOS 9 is a body of third party apps for default operations like sending text messages, sending and receiving email, doing search on iOS and receiving more accurate results, etc. For that Apple needs to make more of its application programming interfaces available to users.

Superior Quality Slow Motion Video

iOS 8 brought on the table time-lapse video. A feature whose arrival was largely unanticipated. However, one has to admit time-lapse video is simply great. If you want to catch a glimpse of how busy the world around you really is, use time-lapse video.

On iOS 9, we want to see the direct antithesis of time-lapse video. We want a standalone app to render best quality slow motion video. Currently, iOS users can capture slow motion video. But many of them are having issues with running those videos at slow speed, especially when the videos are synced from Mac to iPhone via iTunes.

A custom app could fix such issues. We need one on iOS 9.

A Revamped Control Center

The iOS 8 Control Center is riddled with issues and users find it too irksome. Before the GM version release of iOS 8, the Control Center was conceptually developed by some industry observers. You can see the concept development in the video below;

The Control Center in iOS 8 wasn’t even close to the one in the video. It doesn’t allow you change the shape of the icons. There’s no Siri at the bottom of the screen. The iOS 8 Control Center, albeit touted as redesigned, isn’t much different from iOS 7 Control Center. If you don’t believe us, see yourself by clicking the link to the video below;

Another unsettling thing about the Control Center is users face problems access it from home screen or in-app. Users said they can access the Control Center only from the lock screen. There’s a solution but you’d wonder whether that should be called a solution in the first place. Users who constantly faced this issue, said restarting the device may grant access to Control Center from home screen. However, the problem could resurface at any time.

On iOS 9, we want a truly redesigned Control Center, giving us ability to execute all the actions that the first video above describes. Besides, we should be able to add apps to the Control Center. Most importantly, the Control Center on iOS 9 shouldn’t be buggy.

Adding Widgets to the Home Screen

The idea is quite exciting, and quite credible too. It’s credible because Apple has already done similar experiment with the Notification Center. Apple redesigned the Notification Center on iOS 8 by allowing users add app widgets to it. The widgets would appear like snippets and keep users updated about sports, weather, news, etc.

If Apple indeed introduces this feature on iOS 9, we won’t have to fold our elbow to watch time as an app widget on the home screen would always show the time. Similarly, we could check the latest weather report just by giving a glance to the home screen.

Amazing, but can we realistically expect this on iOS 9? Perhaps not, but hey, that’s what makes it a wish, isn’t it?

Hide Uninstalled Apps

Apple is often criticized for exercising control over users. One example of which is not letting users delete default stock apps. But the two undeniable facts are;

  • Nobody likes a messy home screen.

  • Many stock apps are not being used by users, who use only installed apps.

One way to keep the home screen clean is delete the default apps that are not needed. But not only Apple doesn’t allow that, the Cupertino giant makes it impossible to put them away in a folder. There’s only one way left then; hiding the apps so they don’t appear on home screen.

More Advanced Map Features

iOS 8 did bring changes in the map feature. But are these changes enough? Of course not. There are plenty of rooms to introduce more changes. The Flyover City Tour feature in iOS is currently restricted to 40 cities. Why not make it available for more cities? The feature should include the capital of each country.

Public transport direction was rumored to arrive in iOS 8, but never actually came. The feature would show users bus, subway and train routes. This feature could be picked by iOS 9.

Before the release of iOS 8, there were rumors indicating new point of interest would be added to the Apple Map along with augmented reality tools. None of these features showed up on iOS 8 or on any of its updates. Apple should bring them on iOS 9.

The Split-Screen Feature for Multitasking

Too bad we couldn’t measure the probability of the split-screen multitasking feature’s arrival on iOS 9. This is one feature that is virtually the need of the hour on iOS ecosystem. Allowing users to split the screen so they could engage in multiple tasks at the same time is a great idea.

iOS 8 does provide app multitasking. But apps perform the tasks in the background and we users could only get the updates. This is not multitasking in the truest sense. If split-screen multitasking is introduced, we’d be able to use multiple apps at the same time. For example, we could type something on a third party keyboard and drag and drop something from a webpage without having to leave any window.

A Smartphone stands for convenience, and this one feature amounts to convenience on the part of users. We desperately want to see it on iOS 9.

Video Messaging on FaceTime

It may sound trivial, but it’s not really trivial. FaceTime does allow video conversation and it has an incredibly simple interface, but the same things apply to plenty of other apps. Adding video messaging to its list of facilities helps it stand out because only a handful of apps are offering it. Besides, since we are so accustomed to voice messaging, it’d take little time for us to get accustomed to this new type of messaging.

Custom Battery Saving Mode

Why would you have to check the battery, bear in mind the apps that are draining the battery most and use the phone accordingly? Having a custom app means there will be a separate mode for saving battery, and the moment your phone enters into that mode, you won’t have to worry about battery drainage anymore.

We could expect iOS 9 to bring more apps than iOS 8. Battery saving mode will be highly important to use all those apps while at the same time being frugal about the battery usage.

As we mentioned in the beginning, it’s too early for making a prediction on iOS 9. So any discussion over the exact release date would be outright premature. Apple normally releases its products, be it iOS or iPhone or iPad in the fall of any year. Going by that logic, fall 2015 is when we could expect iOS 9.

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