How to Disable whatsapp from sending read receipts on idevice

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Whatsapp is the most wanted app among people due to its easy interface. Among all apps, whatsapp is getting popular day by day. Globally it has 700million users and number of fan following is increasing with time. Whatsapp comes always first in the mind of users due to its quick updates and frequent exchange of messages, which can be done with friends and family.

whatsapp_no_blue_ticksFor iPhone users, it is obscure to stop whatsapp from sending read receipts to the sender.

I am disclosing the few finest way to read whatsapp messages without letting the sender know about that messages have been read. As you know that, you get to see the blue mark whenever you read the message of sender while opening the app.  There are alternative of reading the message without letting know to the sender about the blue mark. Check my explanation, which is given below step wise:

1. Whenever you get the message on this app then prevent yourself opening it and do not press the notification button.

2. All you have to do when you receive the message via notification then you wait for a while

3. You simply need to keep your iPhone on Airplane Mode and one more thing you can do is that turn off the WiFi toggles and Data/Cellular.

4. Next step is that you now can read the message through opening the notification.

5. If you want to be safer than ever, all you need to quit whatsapp when you are done with reading the message and you can remove whatsapp from the app switcher.

6. Now you are tension free and can switch on the data or WiFi connections.

These easy steps will ease you up with those people who are continuously keep messaging you. Now you have the solution for preventing whatsapp from sending the read receipt to the sender. This is the great thing indeed. With few easy steps, you can turn off the whatsapp from sending read receipts to the sender on iPhone.

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