Your iPhone Won’t Turn On? Here’s What to Do

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How many of you own an iPhone device? I guess many. The Apple-made smartphones are loved and praised by everyone. If you have been using iPhone for quite some time now, then you must have come across the situation when your iPhone won’t turn on. The iPhone just displays black screen in that situation and does not power up even after pressing power buttons many times. Although this problem causes a lot of frustration, but quite fortunately, this is very simple to solve. There are mainly two causes why it happens: Either your iPhone is dead, which requires you to charge the battery for a few minutes, or iOS has undergone severe crashes, which requires you to perform hard reboot on your device. Of course, there could be any other reason behind it as well. Whatever the reason is, you don’t need to be panic at all. Just keep reading this article ahead to know the best tricks to perform when your iPhone Won’t Turn On.

Your  iPhone Won’t Turn On

Charge the Battery

Like already said, one of major reasons why your iPhone won’t turn on, could be empty battery of it. In such case you need to charge it. You can do it either via power socket, or via your computer. In the former case, you need to keep charging for 15 minutes at least, and in the latter case, you need to keep charging it for 25 minutes at least. More charging time is required in latter case because the power output is lesser in it than what it is in former.

After charging for said time, if you press the power button, you will see the icon of battery on screen of your iPhone, along with the charging symbol. This ensures that the problem was just cause of empty battery. Fortunately, you have solved it successfully.

Force Reboot

In case your iPhone won’t turn on for iOS crashes reason, you need to perform force reboot. It could serve as good solution to dilemma about ‘my iPhone wont turn on’ in your mind.

To perform the force reboot, you just need to press and hold Power and Home buttons together. Keep them pressed until you see Apple logo on the screen. It won’t take more than 15 seconds.

The Force Reboot solution will surely work for you if your iPhone is not going up because of iOS crashes. In case there is any other reason behind the problem, this method may not bring glimpse of smile on your face. Don’t panic! In such case, just read out the next section.

iPhone Won’t Turn On, Still? 

If you are done trying both methods, and things have not worked for you, then you need to keep reading ahead. Following are the problems that are in existence.

  • The battery of your iPhone is damaged, and can’t be charged anymore. It rarely happens, but still, there are chances of it.
  • The USB charge is not working properly for one reason or another. Maybe it’s not charging your iPhone properly? This problem is quite common to see when we use any cheap third-party USB cable for charging purposes.
  • Maybe component of your iPhone is broken which is not letting it work in normal way. If your iPhone was exposed to water or any kind of liquid, then it’s likely damaged. The damaged component is the reason why your iPhone won’t turn on.
  • Very rare chances are there that your iPhone is defective. In such case, be smart, take step, and avail the replacement.

Whether or not it is problem by USB cable, can be tested easily. Just get another USB cable and check if it solves the problem? Checking if your iPhone is damaged or not, is something tough, especially, if the damage is not outside, but in the inner side. Detecting what is the problem which is not letting your iPhone turn on, is your own responsibility. Of course, you can go to an expert or repair center to get it checked. That would lighten your pocket, so be ready for it.

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