Top list of iPhone 6 Keyboard Cases

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Keyboard cases are the most happening things for your iPhone. It has specific features, which is designed to give advancement to the handset iPhone 6. Well, there are various iPhone 6 Keyboard cases, which will let you realize that quality always has a statement.

Therefore, check top 10 enlisted keyboard cases to make your iPhone 6 more worthwhile. See below:

1. BoxWave Keyboard Case


It has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, which has four rows of raised keys. It also includes great layout, which let your fingertips on your keyboard with unexpected ease. Snap-on and form-fitting design is very endearing for the users. When you use the keyboard, which has sufficient light due to the backlit keys to use it without obstruction. It has a rechargeable on-board battery, which provides your iPhone 6 healthy back up.

Often time you get trouble in your Bluetooth in pairing with your phone but in it, you are tension free and the switch on/off features save your battery.

You can see keyboard is carrying all well-built features, which is a good package for your iPhone 6.

Price: $89.95 and you can buy it from @ $59.95.

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2. Pioneer Keyboard case


It is designed to provide you convenience for the iPhone 6 users. When it comes to Bluetooth, it can be easy paired with your phone. Battery backup is good enough and its switch on/off features will save your battery all the way.

It has an ultra-slim keyboard, which is a source of comfort for iPhone 6 users.

Price: $69.99 ($26.99 on Amazon)

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3. Keyboard case from Brando

Brando-iPhone-6-Keyboard-CaseThis iPhone 6 keyboard case has wholesome features. It has rechargeable battery via USB port, convenient slide-out design and having an auto sleep and also has bluetooth connectivity.

The keyboard has a color LED which shows status of work. This is the good case for with the convenient use of your phone.

Price: $39.00

You can buy it from

4. Greentimeszone Keyboard case


It carries the features of rechargeable lithium battery, which can be charged, through USB port. You can turn to the touchscreen to the physical keyboard through Bluetooth QWERTY. It has a hard back cover which turn out to be great for safety point of view.

All you can get in lower price rate like lightweight, and portable.

Price: $19.99

You can buy it from

5. Best to buy keyboard Case


Again, it has feature of rechargeable battery, which can be charged, through USB port. The add on feature of form fitting will provide your iPhone 6 entire safety. It is light weight, thin, portable and it Bluetooth connectivity is so effective that it will let you discard any files and can make you install anything without consuming lot of time.


You can buy this from

6. Typo 2 keyboard case


Its keyboard QWERTY is almost like Blackberry keyboard. It can provide you lot of convenience while typing from your fingertips. It also carries keyboard lock function, which let you stop pocket dialing.  This has not been launched yet. It will come on December 15, 2015

Price: $99

You can order it from

7. Jelly Comb Keyboard Case


You can switch from the touch screen to the physical keyboard in the case of Jelly Comb. It has a top and bottom of the case to switch to design-cut, which can give more comfort to the third party cables. Rechargeable battery is all the way effective.

Price: $34.98

You can get this product from

8. PDXSun Keyboard Case


It has rechargeable battery with on/off switch feature. In dark, even you can use this as it carries the feature of backlight. The keyboard has nice and soft button, which will indulge you in typing for long without irritation. Bluetooth is also effective which stand this case apart from others.

Price: $25.99

You can buy this from

9. Comsoon Keyboard Case

This has been merely designed promote your typing speed. It has many features like auto sleep mode, lightweight and easily portable. It is known for two qualities particularly. One is for its design and another one is typing is comfortable.

Price: $59.99

You can buy this from

10. Foxnovo keyboard Case

It has sufficient features, which can attract you to opt for this for your iPhone 6. The nice and worthy feature in it I find that it will stay protected from dust and scratch. Foxnovo has a rechargeable battery and slide-out Bluetooth keyboard. You can switch from touch screen to the physical keyboard.

Price: $25.3

You can buy this from

As you can see all the enlisted keyboard case is amazing in inexpensive rate. You can bag it for your convenient. If you will take look, at all one by one feature then you will realize that it will be perfect for your use.

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