When will Apple Launch iPad Air 3 and What Features Will the Device Sport?

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We identify Apple in terms of iPhone and iOS. Are we right in doing so? Certainly not. iPhone and iOS are undoubtedly two most popular flagship products of Apple, but Apple’s brand identity is much bigger.

Apple has been attempting to make a much felt presence in the high-end Tablet market. The iPad and Macbook device lineups are to carve out a niche in the said market. The popularity of iPad and Macbook is indicative of Apple’s foresight.

iPad Air 3

iPad Air and iPad Mini are two device groupings that have garnered a decent amount of popularity. Apple has already released two iPad Air devices. They are iPad Air and iPad Air 2. Next in line is iPad Air 3. In this article, we’ll discuss the price and possible features of iPad air 3.

iPad Air 3 Features

Display of iPad Air 3

There was little difference between iPad Air and iPad Air 2 when it comes to display. Both have Retina display and 9.7 inch LED backlit. The display in both devices have multi touch capacity with in plane switch technology. The display stands at a resolution of 2048 x 1536px. Pixel density is 264.

Apple hasn’t left much room to object the display of iPad Air and Air 2. But still we expect iPad Air 3 to render 4K display with resolution standing at 3840 x 2160px. Is it a wishful thinking? May be it is. But if Apple increases the screen size of iPad Air 3, 4K display could be accommodated. There are 11 inch tablets in the market like Surface Pro 3 by Microsoft, Galaxy Note 10.1, Asus Transformer Pad TF103C. Apple should take iPad Air 3 to their rank.


iPad Air had A7 chip and M7 coprocessor. iPad Air 2 released with 64-bit A8X chip and M8 motion coprocessor. iPhone 6 has already got A8 system on chip and users have dropped positive feedback. So Apple, in all likelihood, will give iPad Air 64-bit A8X chip.

iPad Air 3 Camera

Camera is one area where Apple never fared so well. Apple’s devices don’t have powerful camera. Apple’s latest toy iPhone 6 arrived with 8MP rear camera and 1.2MP front camera. iPad Air Tablets also have the same camera specs. In iPad Air 3, Apple could introduce a groundbreaking camera. In fact Apple should do this. A device with giant screen should be having a powerful camera. Besides, there are Android devices with 16-20MP camera. It’s so unfair that Apple users are having to put up with low capacity camera.

Even though iPhone 6 camera has features that are totally similar to iPad Air and Air 2, 6 has an improved camera and the improvement could be brought to the upcoming iPad Air 3. The camera in iPhone 6 has a sensor that allows it to shoot images with 81% more light. The camera can take up to 10 photos every second. The autofocus is quite speedy and the resulting motion blur could be compensated by advanced auto image stabilization. Such cutting edge technologies could be introduced in iPad Air 3 so the camera stands out.

Both iPad Air and iPad Air 2 have ƒ/2.4 aperture. This should change in iPad Air 3. A lot of people these days are into photography. Having a powerful camera that is capable of wide shots is a plus for them. iPad Air’s camera should have ƒ/1.4 aperture.

iPad Air 3 Video Recording

The previous installments in iPad Air lineup can record video up to 1080px. With iPad Air 3, we expect this to change. The device should be able to record ultra high definition video. Both these two previous iPad Air versions have video stabilization, 3X video room, tap to focus, face detection and time-lapse video facilities. iPad Air 2 offers users to watch videos in slow motion, a feature that iPad Air lacks.

iPad Air 3 will definitely have all these features. As for new features, we aren’t too sure because iOS 8, on which iPad Air 3 will presumably be running, already has scores of interesting features related to video recording. So, Apple doesn’t have to prioritize this segment.

Connectivity Options for iPad Air 3

We don’t know for what godforsaken reason Apple has kept connectivity options for all its iPad devices same. There’s little difference between iPad Air and iPad Mini devices when it comes to connectivity options. Well Apple, it’s time for you to understand we users want to view them differently. If Apple realizes this, we could expect iPad Air 3 to cover more connectivity options.

You might defend Apple saying two previous installments of iPad Air feature almost all connectivity types. What more could we expect iPad Air 3? You aren’t completely wrong if you say this. iPad Air and Air 2 sport Wi‑Fi (802.11a/​b/​g/​n/ac); dual channel (2.4GHz and 5GHz) along with and Wi-Fi + Cellular, both of which are minimum-input-minimum-output enabled. Both devices offer Bluetooth 4.0, LTE, GSM, CDMA and HSPA+ connectivity.

But is it too much to expect iPad Air 3 to have NFC support. Apple has already surprised the tech circuit by giving NFC to iPhone 6. We’d love to see the same technology in iPad Air 3.

iPad Air 3 Carriers

Like iPad Air and Air 2, iPad Air 3 will also be available on-contract from carriers like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile. It’d be better if US Cellular is also added into the list because although US Cellular is losing its subscriber base, its connection is still taken by some people, and they want to have iPad Air 3 on contract.

Other networks such as Metro PCS, Leap Cellular and Clearwire are already washed up, so Apple could scrape them off from the list.

iPad Air 3 Release Date

Apple is completely predictable when it comes to time of release of its flagship devices. iOS devices, including iOS itself can be expected during the fall. Both iPad Air and Air 2 were released in fall. Probably, Apple is going to do the same with iPad Air 3.

iPad Air 3 Price

One has to praise Apple’s marketing acumen. There are very small differences between iPad Air and Air 2. But still their prices are noticeably different. The 16GB iPad Air cost $399 and the 32Gb cost $449. The 16GB Wi-Fi + Cellular model cost a bit higher, $529 and the 32GB Wi-Fi + Cellular model was priced at $579.

As for iPad Air 2, all its models cost $100 to $150 more than their iPad Air counterparts. Only difference was that there was a 128GB model of iPad Air 2. Our opinion about iPad Air 3 is quite straightforward. If it comes with same features but a higher price margin, we’ll be disappointed and if it comes with newer and exciting features, we’d put up with its high price.

As we’ve discussed, iPad Air 3 would take almost a year to hit the stores. Now is not too early speculate its features, but it’s certainly too early to predict. Better we wait and let the rumor mill to work. Then we’d get a better idea of what to expect in iPad Air 3.

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