MemTest for Mac OS X Lets you Tests your RAM

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Experiencing poorer performance on your Mac than what it is expected to deliver? Irritating for you, right? Want to check your RAM? No, you don’t need to be any expert to do so. All you need is a tool named MemTest which lets you test your RAM with ease. Just to give you first hand info, this tool is meant to test the RAM, and that’s what the title of this article says; so, things are pretty straightforward.

MemTest for Mac OS X Lets you Tests your RAM

MemTest is the best and simplest tool available to check RAM for errors. If it detects any errors, it simply means the existence of faulty memory module. There is no point in going technical in this post, as knowing the tech part is not necessary at all. But yes, just to tell you, the testing is done by this tool by writing random data on RAM.

Download MemTest for Mac for Free

Like mentioned. it’s Mac RAM tool, or better say, Mac Memory tool. The use is pretty simple, but that only matters when you have this software with you. So, the very first thing to do is to download the tool itself. MemTest is available for free, but quite surprisingly, there are websites on which this free tool is available as paid one. Don’t get trapped in dirty game of such sites. You don’t need to surf the pages to find the free download link, as I am providing it below.

Download MemTest for Free

Test your Mac’s RAM

Downloaded the unzipped the utility? You are all set to perform the Mac RAM test, or Mac memory test. If you are concerned about how to check RAM on Mac, then simply keep reading ahead.

First of all, launch the terminal and then type the following command:

memtest all 2

MemTest will get launched in no time. The command will tell it to test the modules twice. Of course, if you want to make it test more than twice, you can simply enter the intended number.

MemTest will start its work and will take around 15 minutes for its completion. Meanwhile, you will see the process in the screen with green text in it. As you know, we have given the command to perform the check twice. I believe this is more than enough to detect errors. If you don’t want to put any number, you can remove it as well. Such command will tell MemTest to keep checking the RAM until it is done properly. This ensures better checkup of RAM.

Of course, when you don’t mention any number, the checkup runs for long time. You are not bound to wait for its completion, as you can end it anytime you want to, by going in the terminal and pressing the Control+C button.

Error Reports and Bad RAM

By now, you are well familiar about how to use MemTest to perform Mac RAM test, Mac memory test. The next is to know what to do with error reports and bad RAM. If during its work, the MemTest stops, crashes, then it simply means that your RAM is bad. In such case, return the memory modules and avail them for replacement.

This tool is simplest and free method to check if the memory modules you have, have got any error in them. Not knowing about it does not mean the absence of errors, right?

Final Words

No doubts, MemTest is utility that everyone must have. This is available for free, so I don’t think there should be any problem in getting it. And since you now know the process to use it, so there is no concern about the how part as well, right? Don’t wait! Download this utility right away, check your RAM, and know if it has got any error in it?

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