How to Stop Ad Tracking in iOS 8 on iPhone/iPad

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It seems to be a trend of tracking your iPhone/iPad through advertisers for the endorsement. Are you wondering how to stop Ad tracking?

Needless to worry, as I will give you instructions through which you can get rid of this trouble in your iOS 8.


If you are familiar with the operation of iOS 6 and iOS 7 then it will be easier for you to disable Ad Tracking in iOS 8 as the process is merely similar. Though Ad Tracking comes first in iOS 6.

This post will turn out to be tutorial for those people who are new to the Apple. Hope my contribution to keep you updated will be worthwhile for you. So, take a look at my detailed tutorial via simple steps:

Step 1: First of all, you need to go for setting option in your Apple iPhone to track in iOS 8.

Step 2: Secondly you need to press on Privacy and you can reset the Advertising Identifier so that you can access to the new ID number which cannot be ever tracked by advertisers. This ID number cannot ever be disclosed until you speak to anyone about this.

Limit-Ad-Tracking-in-iOS-81Step 3: Now you have to switch on ‘do not track’ option. It is said to be a Safari option which is a protector of websites from advertisers to track your details. Simply in two clicks almost you can press on setting option and in addition you need to set ‘Do not Track’ to keep it on. You can now safely stay away from Ad Tracking which will sustain your records.

Limit-Ad-Tracking-in-iOS-8-on-iPhone-and-iPadAfter switching to these options you can stop tracking easily and can remain hassle free. In short your iPhone is safe from Ad Tracking.

Noteworthy Point

Limit Ad Tracking does not stop ads to display in apps or games. So if you want to stay away from ad in your apps or games then here is information I am going to explain.

Step1: Launch Setting.

Step 2: Switch to WiFi and close it.

Step 3: Press to the Setting Option.

Step 4: Go to the Mobile option then turn it off when you are  using iPhone while in iPad turn off Cellular Data.

These are the whole easy process with which you will be done when you will go for doing it.

There are one more option to forbid ad to trouble your apps and game but this will prevent you to make and receive calls. If you are seriously wanting to compromise this way then all you need to do just one click of turning on Airplane Mode.

Well, that will definitely help your wish to remain safe from Tracking of the Ads.

If you are still getting trouble in operating you iOS 8 in tracking of the ad then can do let me via comments then I will explain you the whole segment.

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