Best 20 iPhone 6 Cases to Give Excellent Protection to Your Phone

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So you’ve got the latest iPhone 6. You flash your friends the device’s sleek and shiny exterior, and they end up praising Apple, and of course your taste in gadgets.

All’s well until you accidentally drop the phone and its svelte chassis get damaged. It’s a nightmare for you, isn’t it?

What can you do to make sure it doesn’t happen?

You can invest in a premium iPhone 6 case and keep your device well-protected.

In this article, we’ll describe some of the top iPhone 6 cases. These cases are elegant, affordable and will give your phone perhaps the best protection that money can buy.

Our list starts with;

Nodus Access Case


The case costs $100. It has an understated style which a lot of users might find appealing. The exterior is made of leather. The case comes in two colors; brown and black. The portfolio opening could be vertical or horizontal. Inside the portfolio, you’ll find lining made of microfiber and a pocket where you could keep cash or credit card. The best thing about the case is its micro-suction panel. The panel along with another small cover panel keep the phone protected. You can access all the ports and buttons easily.

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Pong Sleek Case

Pong Sleek iphone 6 CaseIt is perhaps one of the most superior cases out there. Priced at $35, the case is super affordable. That’s the first reason why we up our thumb for Pong Sleek Case. The second mentionable thing about the case is that could reduce the phone’s exposure to radiation and boost the outbound signals by the built-in antenna technology. The case is lightweight and a stylish back. Access to ports, buttons and camera is pretty easy.

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Cygnett WorkMate Case

Cygnett WorkMate iphone 6 CaseThe case is very affordable; it costs only $25. That’s not the only selling point of the phone. It has a bendable shock-absorbing TPU core, a solid polycarbonate shell, a silicone exterior so users could grip the phone properly and reinforced corners. It has button covers and appropriate cut-outs. You can use the camera keeping the cover on. The case is available in grey, red and blue colors.

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Speck Candyshell Grip Case

Speck Candyshell Grip iphone 6 Case

What really caught our attention about the case is the military-grade drop protection feature. The case has hard shell and interior made in rubber. The interior has a lip around the front so the screen and button covers could be protected. The stripes on the back and side give the case a pretty amazing look. Other than being visually appealing, the stripes help users grip the phone firmly. Cut-outs for camera and ports are quite precise. The case is priced at $35.

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Urban Armor Gear Folio Case

Urban Armor Gear Folio iphone 6 Case

If you are fancied by design, Urban Armor Gear Folio is the case case for you. We’ll run short of adjectives to describe its design. It’s classy, appealing and mimics the costumes of super heroes and outer layers of their weapons from sci-fi movies. The folio case has honeycomb core that is impact resistant. Its outer layer is called Frogskin and its provides excellent grip. The case qualifies military standards for drop tests. You can use it as a wallet and keep up to three credit cards. Despite having so many amazing features, the case is priced at only $40.

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Pelican Progear Voyager Case

iphone6_voyager_groupThe case has a rugged look. It is guaranteed to protect your case because it has met military standards for drop protection. The case has shock absorbing TPR and PU and polycarbonate layers. Even though the case looks slim, it still provides an excellent level of protection. It comes with button covers and cut-outs and it is fully usable. There’s a screen protector that is applied on the case separately. It comes with a plenty of color options. The case costs $50.

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JimmyCase Wallet

JimmyCase Wallet iphone 6 caseJimmyCase Wallet offers a distinctive look. Priced at $35, the case is super affordable and comes with a range of materials. It is made in California. The rear panel is made of mahgony. The case also features a silicone bumper and an attractive elastic pocket on its back. You can keep cash and cards in the elastic pocket. JimmyCase Wallet offers a lot of space in the elastic pocket and comes in a range of colors.

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Tech21 Classic Frame Case

Tech21 Classic Frame iphone 6 Case

Another highly affordable case! Tech21 costs only $35. It has a polycarbonate back plate that is transparent and lets you flaunt the design of your iPhone 6. The outer frame of the case is colored in orange or smoky brown. It sports the company’s flagship D30 material that delivers the case military level protection.

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Amzer Crusta Case

Amzer Crusta iphone 6 CaseA bit expensive among its peers, Amzer Crusta costs $45. The case looks different. It provides rugged protection at an affordable price. To offer users extra layer of security, Amzer Crusta Case, offers a tempered glass screen protector so the screen could be safeguarded from scratches. The screen guard doesn’t impact on touch sensitivity. The case is made of solid polycarbonate shell and it has a tempered glass backing. The case absorbs shock by a layer of softer plastic like rubber. Buttons and ports are covered and ward off the phone from dust. The case comes with 40 different color options.

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CM4 Q Card Case

CM4 Q Card iphone 6 CasePriced at $40, CM4 Q Card Case features a durable, soft-touch rubber frame. Its cut-out for the phone’s camera and flash are quite amazing. The buttons are protected by soft covers. The case has a stitched fabric pocket where you could comfortably keep three cards and cash. The case offers seamless access to ports and buttons. The front bezel protects the phone. The case is available in three color options; green, gold and black.

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Incipio Octane Case

Having Incipio Octane Case means you don’t have to hide your iPhone 6 anymore. The case has a transparent polycarbonate panel on its backside. The color on the back creates a perfect contrast with the color around the edges of the case. The covers the buttons for an enhanced protection and includes apposite cut-outs to access ports and camera. The case is lightweight, so you could carry it comfortably. It costs only $25.

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Body Glove ShockSuit Case

It’s a rugged case so you could expect its tough covers to protect your phone. Other than cover, the case also has button covers and built-in screen protector. The corners are quite strong and they could endure almost all types of impacts. The case qualifies for 810G military drop protection standard. The case’s cost ($40) is justified as it has elite technologies.

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MarBlue Elite Case

The case is an excellent combination of tough polycarbonate and bendable TPU. The best thing about the phone is its overly stylish pattern. The case is durable and perfectly protects your phone. The screen is kept protected by the protective lip. Even if you drop your iPhone 6 and it falls on the ground face down, it will still be protected. The case has button covers. The design involves rubber details which makes it easy for users to grip the phone MarBlue Elite comes in various color options.

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Grovemade Leather Case

If you are looking for a special case, Grovemade Leather is your pick. The case is handcrafted and could easily match the quality of frame interiors made by walnut or maple wood. Other than looking great, Grovemade Leather case offers protection and increase the landscape stand two times. The case is bit pricy, it costs $130. But rest assured you’ll be getting a product that is worth paying money for.

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Noreve Tradition Leather Case

Noreve’s handcrafted premium leather cases from carry a classic style. The case could be opened just like a conventional pocket notebook. The case has pads for protection. The Noreve logo has a soft lining, which adds aestheticity. The case offers wonderful openings to ports and buttons. The cases come in a range of color options. It also comes with a belt clip. The case costs $55.

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Trident Aegis Case

Another case in the list that meets the 810F military drop protection standard. Trident Aegis case offers rugged protection. All parts of iPhone 6 will be covered by the case so accidents couldn’t damage the phone. The case offers plugs to be connected to the ports and dust filters. The corners are shock absorbent, the polycarbonate shell delivers outstanding protection. The phone is available in three different colors. It costs only $40.

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Seidio Dilex Pro Case

The Dilex Pro case from Seidio has honeycomb interior. The lessen the severity of shock. The coating is made of rubber and it helps users grip the phone firmly. A metal kickstand comes as an extra and allows users to view movies in landscape mode. The interlocking layers fit seamlessly without making the phone bulky. The case comes in a multiple colors. By buying the case, users also get a holster and belt-clip attachment. The case costs $35.

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Tudia Bumper Case

We should’ve mentioned this one at the beginning. The Tedia Bumper Case costs only $5. Even though cheap, the case is very easy to grip and handle, and it is quite durable. The top and bottom of gloss sections combine with a matte mid section. Cut-outs are quite precise. Since super cheap, the case doesn’t meet the rigorous drop protection standard. For nominal scuffs, the case is sufficient to guard. The case also has a lip on the front edge to protect the screen.

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Silk Stealth Armor Case

Yet another cheap case. it costs only $18. The case has thickened corners so iPhone 6 could kept off the ground. The air pockets come with a trendy design and make sure the drop impact doesn’t damage the phone. The back panel is quite tough as it is made of polycarbonate. The case comes in three interchangeable colors; silver, gold and gunmetal grey.

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PureGear Hip Case+

PureGear is marketed as a four-in-one system for iPhone 6. The case has a shell made of rubber. It comes with a holster and belt clip. Users could pop the iPhone 6 in landscape view because Hip Case+ offers a fold out kickstand. The case offers opening for all controls, ports and the camera. It fits into the holster quite easily and could even rotate 180°. The holster is spacious enough to store a number of credit cards.

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X-Doria Scene Cases

Basic cases from X-Doria Scene sports a polycarbonate backing. There’s a rubberized, soft cover around the frame and it protects iPhone 6 from impacts. It also covers the lock buttons and volume. The case is super cheap as it costs only $30.

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SwitchEasy Nude Case

The very first thing to consider about the case is its aesthetic appeal. It goes in sync with the design of iPhone 6. The case gives iPhone 6 basic protection. The case is only 0.6mm thick. It is perfectly transparent so stay assured that Apple design won’t be blocked. Cut-outs are in precisely location. Users could easily access ports, the camera and the buttons. The case is priced at $25.

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JunoPower NovaPak Case

Even though a bit pricy, you’ll want to buy it because it sports a 3000mAh battery. The case has durable TPU as its building material. It features a smooth matte finish. NovaPak is 14mm thick. Its has inbuilt buttons with openings for ports and camera. Pre-order price of the device is $50. It will cost $60 once it hits the market.

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Moshi Sensecover Case

The case has a window in the front so users could access most of the features. Users could check time, reject calls or even turn the alarm off by swiping. Moshi Sensecover is a standard folio case and it could be opened easily. Its camera cut-outs are pretty impressive. It has a logo of Apple on its back and a viewing window on the front that is scratch-resistant. The leather cover has microfiber inside with magnetic closure. The case is available in black, white and pink colors. It costs $50.

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So here’s our list of iPhone 6 cases. There are so many others, but the ones we picked have too many standout features, eye-catching design, are very easy to grip and wield and on top of everything, they are pocket-friendly.

So make your mind which one you’re gonna to select.

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