Steps to Remove “Other” data from Apple iPhone iPad, iPod Touch

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If you are an Apple gadget user like iPhone, iPad or iPod, then you must have seen an “other” option in the iTunes. And to add on to check the space occupied by the “other” data section and you will see that it is occupying a lot of space. Try and detect the things contented within this “other” data section and you would see that there is almost anything starting from music files to pictures and all. Gradually, more and more files are going to be automatically pile up in this section and one day when you will try to install a new app, your phone will respond that there is not enough storage space.

iPhone-other-dataThis problem is being faced by a lot of Apple gadget users and the good news is there is a way out of this problem. You must have seen files like cookies, album art and cookies in your iPhones, iPads, Mac or PC, which keep occupying a lot of space in your disk. These are no program files that if deleted by mistake can create problem in the proper running of normal programs. These are junk files that get automatically downloaded when you browse internet. Therefore, deleting these junk files from time to time will help in creating a lot of space where you store your data.

Here are the steps to remove junk files from your iPhone and iPad:

Firstly, go to ‘Settings’ and tap on to ‘General’ inside that section. After that scroll up and down, you will find a tab stating ‘Usage’, click on that..


Then you would able to see all the apps running in your phone and also know about how much data they are occupying. To know how much data a particular app is occupying, click on any app and entire info will be shown on the screen. Now you will be amazed to see that most of the apps are occupying a few MB space and thereafter wonder where the rest of the memory has been used. Moreover, along with the apps you will see that the total data stored is about three times the data of the original space. The excess of the data goes directly into the “other” data section where different information are stored like cookies, caches, browser history which keeps on piling as you use the particular app. All apps running in your phone store a lot of excess data which piles up gradually and leaves your phone without any disk space.

There is a way out to deal with this problem. If you are using an iGadget, then  you have to learn how to clear these junk files as there is no option whereby you can clear out all the junk data without deleting the particular app.

The best way to handle this problem is taking a back up of the entire memory used in either iTunes or iCloud. You must be absolutely sure that you have taken a back up of the entire data, so check two to three times. Thereafter, reset your phone to remove the junk files. Go to ‘Settings’ and click on the tab that states ‘General’. Thereafter, click on ‘Reset’ and then on ‘Erase All Content and Settings’.

Lastly, connect your phone to iTunes or iCloud once again restore the phones memory from there. This process will help to clear most of the junk files like cookies and caches that have been temporarily stored in your phone and phone will again have loads of free space.


Many apps come with built in programming whereby excess of data can be automatically erased. Music and video files often stores along with a lot of caches and cookies, and the only way to remove them from your phone is to take a back up of the whole file in iTunes, delete it altogether and thereafter and sync it with our phone from the virtual memory.

This is the best way to deal with this problem and free your phone from unwanted junk stuffs. Do write to us of you get stuck anywhere, we would happy to help you!!

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