Best Ways to Force Quit Mac Applications

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If you have been using Mac for quite some time now, then you must have encountered poor performance of it, caused by an app failing to respond. Since I’ve encountered it many a times, so I know the irritation it begins. The only way to come out of this virtual hell is force quit the not-responding’ applications. There are numerous ways available about how to perform force quit Mac. In this article, I am providing six best ways about how to do so. The methods involve force quit Mac shortcut keys.


Force Quit Mac App with Keyboard

Let’s start with the simplest method. All you need to do is to press Command+Option+Shift+Escape buttons together. The keyboard shortcut is quite easy to remember, and it closes the not-responding apps in no time.

Bring Up the “Force Quit Applications” Window

Force Quit Applications is what can work for you. It’s quite easy to bring up; just press Command+Option+Escape. Now from the names of apps that you see, just click the intended one and then click the Force Quit option. Since by this method you can force quit multiple apps in short time, so this one is recommended to you. And yes, it’s one of the easiest available on how to force quit on a Mac.

Force Quit from the Apple Menu

You can perform the Mac force quit from the Apple menu as well. You just need to hold the Shift key and click on Apple menu. Then simply click on ‘Force Quite ABC’ where ABC is name of the unresponsive app. This method is quite good to opt for, and easy to remember as well, but not powerful. Sometimes the apps are completely unresponsive, and in such cases, the menu we are talking about, becomes inaccessible. In such case, where the menu becomes inaccessible, there is no chance of proceeding ahead.

Use Activity Monitor to Force Quit Apps


If you did not like any of the above methods mentioned here in this article about ‘how to force quit on a Mac’ for one reason or another, opt for this one. This one makes use of Activity Monitor to close the not-responding apps. First of all, press Command+Space, and then type Activity Monitor. Here you will see the running apps. Just click on the ID or app name that you wish to end. Once you are done selecting it, click the Quit Process button. Yeah, the red one. This method works most of the times. You can take it equivalent to the task manager that you see in Windows OS.

Force Quit Apps from the Dock

On the apps’ icon in the dock, press Option + Right Click. Force Quit option will come up in no time. Clicking on it will end the unresponsive task.

Use Terminal & kill Command

Although the force quit Mac shortcut combination I provided so far in this article must have worked for you to do the task in hand, but still, if you like, you may opt for this method that involves the use of terminal and kill command. Just launch the terminal and then type one of following commands:

killall [name of process]

Of course, you should replace ‘name of process’, with the actual name that you wish to end. If you want to proceed with process’s ID, then use the following command:

kill -9 [pid]

Replace the ‘pid’ with the id of process that you wish to end.

That’s it! You know the best possible methods to perform Mac force quit. If you need any help regarding any step, do reach us using the below comment box.

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