Tips to Improve iOS 8 Battery Life Drain Problems

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Apple’s latest mobile OS, iOS 8 has won praises from great multitude of people, and it’s likely to continue getting them. This latest mobile OS comes with pretty impressive features which combined with iPhone, iPad or any other Apple device, gives a never-forgettable impressive experience. Well, talking about the downside, one of the biggest problems I’ve noticed people complaining is the battery life drain problem. All features are nothing but a big waste if battery life is not upto desired mark. In case you are using iOS 8 and are facing battery life drain problem, you are on the right page. In this post I am providing best tips to improve iOS 8 battery life drain problems. By implementing these tips, you can enjoy better iPhone 5 battery life, and can solve all iPhone 5S battery problems.


Disable System Location Service Features

New location based services in iOS 8 are quite useful, but what’s its mean if it comes at the cost of too much power consumption? You don’t need to disable all location service features, but four of them to see a positive impact on the iPhone 5 battery life. This will surely help you overcoming iPhone 5S battery problems to some extent. Follow the below given steps:


  • First of all, head over to the Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services.
  • Make sure the ‘Share My Location’, ‘Spotlight Suggestions’, ‘Location-Based iAds’, ‘Wi-Fi Networking’ options are set off.

Disable Share My Location Feature

Well, we are already done with it. Just telling it again in the case you don’t want to opt for previous step for one reason or another. Disabling Share My Location feature is pretty easy. Below are the steps you need to follow to implement it.

  • First of all, head over to the Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services.
  • Make sure the ‘Share My Location’ option is set off.

Turn Off Eye Candy Zooming

The next step that can help you improving iPhone 5 battery life, and can help you overcoming iPhone 5S battery problems, is nothing but turning off eye candy zooming. It uses a great power to work which shows negative impact on overall battery performance of your iOS 8 device. Turning it off can help you save power for sure. Follow the below steps:

  • In the Settings section, go to the “General”  tab and then go to the “Accessibility”.
  • Make sure the toggle next to the option Reduce Motion is On.

Disable Suggested Apps

This location-based feature suggests you apps based on your location. This is yet another pretty useful feature, but comes at the cost of power consumption. Disabling this feature is wise step.

  • In the Settings section go to “General” tan then from there go to “Handoff & Suggested Apps”.
  • Head over to Suggested Apps section. Make sure that the toggles next to options “My Apps” and “App Store” are set off.

Disable Handoff on the Devices for Which You’ve No Need of It

Handoff is a feature that is counted among the best ones with which iOS 8 comes. Those who don’t know, let me tell you that this feature lets you move email to another iPad or iPhone device. With it, you can answer the call coming on your iPhone, from your iPad. The vice versa of it is also possible. It’s a commendable feature without any doubt, but like many other features, this one is big reason for battery drain. So, in order to improve iPhone 5 battery life, and solve the iPhone 5S battery problems, you must disable the feature for all those devices for which you have no need of it. Below are steps to be followed:

  • In the Settings section, simply head over to “General” and then there to the “Handoff & Suggested Apps”.
  • Make sure the toggle next to the Handoff option is set to Off.

Disable Background App Refresh

It’s because of this feature that apps can update the things in background, even when they are not in use. Like other features, this is yet another commendable one, but only when you are connected to any nearby power source. In the absence of that, it’s yet another battery eater. So, you must disable it right away.

  • In the Settings section, simply head over to “General” and then there to the “Background App Refresh”.
  • Make sure the toggle next to this option is set Off.

Disable Automatic Downloads

Automatic Downloads are good, but again, power eater. Disable them to enjoy long battery life of your iPhone device. Disabling it is yet another step towards better iPhone 5 battery life, and solution of iPhone 5s battery problems.

  • Head over to “iTunes & App Store” that lies in the Settings section.
  • Make sure the toggle next to “Automatic Downloads” is set off.

Final Words

iOS 8 is the best mobile OS by Apple so far. The OS is blessed with huge number of incredible features, but like I said earlier, the features are boon for you only if your device’s battery lasts long. The tips provided in this article will surely help you achieve a better battery life than what you are enjoying now. Implement these tips straight away, and come up with your valuable feedback in the below comment section.

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