How to Reset the iPhone passcode

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Today, in the world where social media, Internet are dominant, we all keep many passwords save somewhere in the deep peak of mind. Because of daily chores, tough schedule, forgetting the password of any of your social media account or mobile, is something that happens quite often. Have you forgotten the password of your mobile? I own an iPhone and I’ve forgotten its passcode many a times. Has it ever happened with you? Whether or not, there are always chances of encountering it in the near future, no? You must know what to do in case you forgot iPhone password or forgot iPhone passcode. You must know the process about how to reset iPhone. This article is meant to help you in all these.



Before you proceed ahead, let me tell you that the process requires you to restore your iPhone. You will be back to factory settings and loose all data. If that’s not a concern for you, then only proceed ahead. We shall not be held responsible for it.


  • iPhone where you are stuck on passcode screen.
  • USB cable to connect the device to your computer
  • Windows PC or Mac
  • iTunes

Once you fulfill all the requirements, you are all set to proceed ahead.

How to Reset iPhone Passcode

  • First of all, disconnect the USB cable from your iPhone. Don’t disconnect the other end. Let it stay connected to your Windows PC or Mac.
  • Now, launch the iTunes.
  • It’s time to power off your iPhone. Press and hold Home and Power buttons to do so.
  • Keep the Home button pressed, while you are reconnecting USB cable to your iPhone. This will result in the power-on of your iPhone.
  • Keep the Home pressed. You will soon see an alert message in iTunes. The alert tells that your iPhone in recovery mode has successfully been detected.
  • If iTunes has successfully detected it in recovery mode, you are on right path. All you need to do is to restore the device
  • To restore, just look under the Summary tab in the iTunes. Just click on Restore button to perform the restore process.

All files, settings, and apps will be wiped from your iPhone device in no time. Yes, it includes the passcode as well. After iPhone’s restore process is all done, you will get it with factory settings. Either start using the device from start, or you can restore the backup. The backup could either be saved on computer with iTunes on it, or you could use the Apple ID to access the data saved in iCloud, if any. The option to restore the backup data comes in the greeting windows. So, do take the necessary step and start using the iPhone from thereon.

Second Method on how to Reset iPhone

While the above process is sufficient to help you in just the case you forgot iPhone password or forgot iPhone passcode, still, if you may like, you can opt for this alternate method on how to reset iPhone. Just follow the below provided steps.

  • First of all, switch off your iPhone device. For this, press and hold the Power button.
  • Now connect the USB cable to the PC and launch the iTunes there. Make sure the other end of cable is not connected to the iPhone yet.
  • Press and hold Home button, and meanwhile, connect iPhone to the computer by making use of USB cable.
  • Holding the Home button for a short time will turn on the iPhone screen and you will see iTunes logo and USB cable there.
  • Soon you will see alert message telling you a device has been detected in Restore mode. When you see see it, release the Home button.
  • In the iTunes, find the Restore button and then click it. If will then search for local firmware file and will proceed ahead in no time if it founds one. In case it does not find any, the firmware will be downloaded first.
  • Wait for the Restore to complete. Your iPhone will restart on completion of Restore process.

Like mentioned earlier, once the Restore process is done, you can use your iPhone from scratch, or can also restore the saved backup data.

That’s all. You have successfully learnt what to do when you forgot iPhone password or forgot iPhone passcode. These methods are best on how to reset iPhone. In case you need any further help, you can always use the below provided comment section.

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