How to Print Screen on a Mac

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While working on computer, Mac or any of your favorite gadget, you may come across the need of taking screenshot. I bet many of you must have gone through that need for sure. Taking screenshot on Windows PC is pretty easy, thanks to Print Screen button on the keyboard. But unfortunately, there is no such button that exists on Mac’s keyboard. Most probably it’s done for design purposes, for keeping the outer look of Mac’s keyboard impressive.

How to Print Screen on a Mac

Well, whatever is the reason of absence of Print Screen’button, the thing to talk about here is that its absence makes things hard when user wants to take print screen on Mac. If you want to know all about print screen Mac, then let me tell you that you are on right page. Just keep reading ahead to learn how to print screen on a Mac.

How to Print Screen on Mac

When you perform the print screen Mac, the screenshot that you take consists pic of whole desktop along with all apps and programs running on it. It dumps the screenshot to unique file itself. The whole process is pretty simple. Just follow the below provided steps.


Press the Command, Shift and 3 together. Doing so will result in capturing of the screen. The captured screen will be saved as file on the desktop. This is your very first step towards the print screen Mac process.


The next step in this process about how to print screen on a Mac is pressing the Command, Shift and 4 buttons together. This will bring up a selection box and there you can specify area whose screenshot you want to take. After the area selection is done, the file gets saved to the desktop.

If after pressing these aforesaid three buttons (Command, Shift, 4), you press spacebar and then click a window, the screenshot of window only will get captured. This captured screenshot will get saved as file to the desktop.

Well, since you get screenshot in unique file, you don’t need to go through the hassle of pasting the screenshot to new file and then save it. Things are all set for you themselves. Although this way is incredible and very comfortable, there maybe some out of you who won’t love it. For those people, there is an alternate way available. This method lets you copy the captured screenshot to clipboard, and from there, you can paste it anywhere you want to. Yeah, the things are similar to what you do in Windows OS.

How to Print Screen to the Clipboard on a Mac

Like I said already, many of you must have got the problem regarding how to take screenshot on Mac, solved by now. Still, it’s always good to have knowledge of more than one methods. So, those who want to opt for this one, just need to follow the below given steps.


Pressing the combination of these buttons will take a screenshot of entire screen in no time. This screenshot gets saved to the clipboard from where you can paste it anywhere you like to.


Use rectangular drawing box to make the selection after taking screenshot. After you are done with it, the intended selection of intended screenshot gets saved to clipboard.

If after pressing these three buttons, you press the spacebar and the click on window, the screenshot of window, that you will specify hovering snapshot cursor, will get taken. Just like other cases, the screenshot will get saved to clipboard.

Just to tell you all, the command button lies next to the spacebar. I know many of you know it already, but still mentioning for the fraction who did not know it.

If Mac is using multiple displays, then with the screenshot of entire screen option, screenshot of all screens will be taken and saved in no time. That is not true in case of taking screenshot of intended selection.

Final Words

Well, I hope that by now, you all know how to take screenshot on a Mac. It would have better if there was single button to do the task, but still, it’s big deal pressing the combination that I mentioned in this article. The problem is that most of us have used Windows OS for long time. So we are just bound to print screen in the ‘single-button-press’ way. Anyway, the article helps you regarding the print screen Mac process for sure. Still, if you have any doubts and want to get them cleared, do use the below comment section to reach us.

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