How to Get Google Cache Age of a Webpage URL

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If you have been using Internet for past some time now, then you must be familiar with the fact that Google keeps caches of almost all websites from time to time. These caches can be accessed anytime. This comes into use when any particular website is down for one reason or another. In such case, you can use Google’s cached version of that website. When you are visiting Google Cache of any page URL, the biggest question in mind always is: How relevant is the cached version as compared to original one? Younger the Google Cache is, more relevant it is. So, knowing Google cache age of a webpage URL can surely clear the said dilemma. Wondering if knowing age of Google cache of a particular page URL is possible? Yes, it is!!

You can know the Google cache date which can tell you if it’s worth visiting it? Because if the cache is too much old, then there are high chances that the original version has got lot of new content. The things become worse if you are visiting cache of a news site, because if the cache is too old, then there is obvious that you are missing lots of latest news. So, to cut the long story short, knowing the Google cache age of a webpage URL is big plus thing. Just keep reading ahead to know the process.

Before we start with the trick, let me tell you that it works on any web browser on any operating system. While the trick is mostly used by people who work on web, but it’s equally good for normal web users too.

How to Get Google Web Cache Age from Any Browser

You just need to enter the following URL in the address bar.

You must replace the YOURURLGOESHERE with URL that you wish to access cache of. Once the URL loads up, you will be able to see the age of cache on the top of page. Since the time is printed in small font, so most of people ignore it.

ios8screenThe Google Cache does not work for all websites. There are a few sites that don’t let their cache to be saved by Google. Accessing cache of such sites will return error page always.

How to Get Google Cache Age from the Chrome Browser

While the above trick works for Google Chrome too, but if you have this amazing browser, then you have got even easier way to know age of Google cache. Just type the following address:


Hit Return and you will see cached version of entered URL. The time of the cache lies on the top of webpage. The time and date appear in the same way as they do when you opt for the cached version via the previous method. So, there is nothing special to know about how to get age of cache in this method.

That’s it! Now you know how you can know Google Cache date and time. Do implement this trick right away!!

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