How to Convert m4a to mp3 with iTunes in MAC

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Before I start with this post, let me ask you a simple question: How many of you like to listen to music?All? I bet it is so. Music is need of soul and we all love listening to it. In the current time, there are many file extensions for music, and listening them may need different music players installed on your PC, or smartphone. I’m not here to talk about all extensions of music, but only about m4a. Those who don’t know, m4a is file extension for an audio file encoded with advanced audio coding. You can convert it to mp3 format quite easily. You don’t need to use any special software to do the task. Use the same that you do to create m4a files. Yes, iTunes is what I am talking about. Using iTunes to convert m4a to mp3 is quite easily. The step-by-step guide provided in this article is meant to help you in the best possible manner.

Converting m4a to mp3 with iTunes

  • The very first thing needs to be done is to launch the iTunes, and then change the default file type for whatever imported audio.
  • Now just go to iTunes Preferences an go under ‘General’ settings. There you need to click the Import Settings’ button. You will see a drop down list next to the option ‘Import Using‘. Make sure to select the option that reads ‘MP3 Encoder‘, and then click on Ok. This will make iTunes create mp3 files rather than creating m4a files.m4a-to-mp3-convert-itunes
  • You are almost done. Converting any of your existing m4a file to mp3 file is pretty easy. All you need to do is to select the intended song. Of course, the one that is in m4a format.
  • After highlighting the song, just make the right click on it that will bring set of options. Navigate to the option that reads ‘Create MP3 Version’.convert-m4a-to-mp3-with-itunes
  • iTunes will start the conversion process. Just wait for a few seconds for the conversion to complete.
  • The converted version will now appear at top of the playlist. It also lies in iTunes music folder. I hope you know that the default one is  ~/Music/iTunes/.

That’s it. You have successfully learnt the process about how to convert m4a to mp3. Just follow the same steps to convert any of your intended songs. Those who need any further help regarding the conversion process, can use the below comment section to have chit chat with us.

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