Agilebits Announces iOS 8 Optimized 1Password Beta Preview

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Apple hosted the WWDC in June this year. It was revealed at the conference that iOS8 will have a slew of cutting edge features. The camera in the handset that will run iOS 8 will have picture to video facility. The voice assistant software Siri will get an upgrade and the Touch ID fingerprint scanner will also be modified.

iOS 8 beta 5 was recently made available to developers. After that developers have started to build apps keeping in mind iOS 8 ecosystem. Agilebits has recently announced 1Password app extension for iOS 8 apps. Those who aren’t familiar with 1Password need to be explained what it is what will be the benefits if it is optimized for iOS 8.

1Password is quite a useful application. It lets users create distinct passwords which are uber secure for every website and app they use. 1Password works in a fascinating manner. It creates a password that just a string of letters, numbers and special characters and use OS X and Windows browser addons so entering a long and hard-to-remember password becomes easy. Users enter a simple password and the system takes the complicated one.

iOS users can use 1Password now. But there’s no ease at use. And that’s because 1Password is optimized mainly for the desktop version. Both Android and iOS applications sync with the desktop version but users have to go through a lot of steps like open the app, enter vault password, search for the apt password to copy and then use it for the app that you want to log in. It’s time consuming and hasslesome. As iOS 8 has offered app extension features for developers, 1Password has been made optimized.

iOS sandboxes applications. Due to this, using 1Password is not just one touch solution. But iOS 8 will make it fairly easy by letting users enjoy the Touch ID fingerprint system instead of typing a complicated password.

There’s another thing that iOS 8 users can do. When a user is making use of a particular app, he’ll be able to to request passwords from 1Password without needing to leave the app in question. It’s just like how users share content from apps to social networks. Experts believe app extension could be the most innovative tool ever introduced in iOS framework.

The beta version preview of 1Password can be found here. Users can access any third party app and easily sign in without typing anything. When they are on the login page, they will be given the choice to use 1Password. A virtual screen will appear at the bottom asking users to use Touch ID. If users click on it another virtual screen will pop up in the middle of the screen.

The screen will show “Touch ID for ‘application name’”, underneath it “Unlock 1Password” will appear. Two options will appear beneath it. They are “Enter Passcode” and “Cancel”. If users click on “Enter Passcode”, a long and complex password will be automatically put into the password input box of the application that the user was attempting to log in.
Easy and simple, 1Password may become a huge hit among iOS 8 users. Eventually other developers may take advantage of app extension and launch other exciting apps.

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