Apple Could Unveil iPhone 6 and Other Products this Fall

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So, the rumor market is growing at rapid rate and the most shining in this market is iPhone 6. We’ve got plenty of rumors about this smartphone so far, and this trend is likely to catch fire until we get this highly rumored smartphone in the market. Anyways, we’re here to talk about the rumors targeting iPhone6 only.


iPhone 6 Launch Date?

In ‘already big’ rumor mill about iPhone 6 launch date, a new addition has come via MacRumors. As per its report that cites Store Leader, the iPhone 6 will be launched by Apple in the media event in September this year. It’s contrary to the earlier rumors that suggested that iPhone 6 won’t come anytime sooner than the just said date.

A Busy October?

The report of MacRumors further goes that Apple, as well as all stores, are going to be into the busy mode in October. Recently, when talking about Apple’s third-quarter earnings, Tim Cook said that Apple is going to be quite busy in this Fall. Moreover,¬†soaring research of Apple, the development costs, and also company’s commitments that it has done to third-party suppliers etc. also give us the idea how busy this Fall is going to be for the leading tech company.

So, the question now here is, what to expect from Apple this Fall? Obviously, iPhone 6 device that includes two rumored size variants that are 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch. Along with these much awaited smartphones, we expect to see new Macs, new iPads and iWatch.

Well, seeing the range of products to be launched soon, Apple fans must be highly curious. We are curious too. We’ll keep you posted whenever anything new comes in this regard. Just keep visiting.

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