Enjoy The Full Specifications Of iPhone 6, The Upcoming Craze In The Mobile World

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In case you are a fitness freak and want some electronic gadget to work in your favor, then iphone 6 from Apple kitty is the most eminent option, for you to get hold of. You would also like to have the idea of the own personal trainer option and this phone is going to help you to keep focused and also drive the performance level to the higher versions. Moreover, you can also try and enjoy by keeping your fitness routine, on track. The Iphone 6 can be defined as the most anticipated Smartphone of the year 2014, and it can be defined as the right kind of invention, apart from Iphone 5 segment. The good points of Iphone 6 are coming in thick and thin, and with a fast pace.


More info about the iPhone 6 launching date

Even before iPhone 6 started its launching option, the product is going to launch some of the release dates, since 2007, which has also been in good stead for what others might have expected of smart phones from Apple. From the records stated, it can be found out that September is the month, when all the anticipations are going to stop with the advent of Iphone 6. However, form some other news feeds it has been found out that Apple is planning to launch the next generation Iphone 6 in the worldwide Developers Conference, which is going to take place on June 6th.

Some general features to deal with

As per the latest news feed, you will be awestruck to check out so many wise and reliable general features, associated with Iphone 6. It has been an inevitable report that with the advent of this new Smartphone, Apple is trying to gain good name in this competitive market. It is going to provide the customers with both 2G and 3G network options, which can also work in favor of users. Moreover, for some of the LTE models, there is also the 4G networking solution. Nano SIM is to be used and the sleek design will surely make this phone a reliable option, for many.

Focusing towards body and display

Apart from the generic features, there are some special points to be listed down, associated with the display and body structure of Iphone 6.

  • The dimension of the body is 130 x 65 x 7 mm and the weight of the body is 113 g.
  • You can also avail 500 dpi densities along with pixel resolution, as a major part of the fingerprint sensor. It also falls under the touch pad segment, as well.
  • The type of this phone can be defined as LED IPS LCD along with a touch screen option and 16m colors.
  • The size can be defined to be 960 1704 pixels, along with 4.70 inches density.
  • You can also avail the multi-touch screen option along with water resistant features.
  • The protection is made out of crystal glass along with an oleophobic coating.

Other eminent points

The sound of Iphone 6 can be defined as a proper mix of vibration along with proprietary ringtones. There is a loudspeaker for you to enjoy along with a 3.5 mm jack. The internal memory card is of 2GB RAM along with spaces up to 128 GB. This phone is also known for offering best ever GPRS system along with EDGE system, as well. The speed is noted under the DC-HSDPA option and there are some of the other features, as well. Some of those are NFC service, Bluetooth and also USB port of v2.0.

Camera features to jot down

The Iphone 6 comprises of a primary camera of 8MP with autofocus and also dual LED flash service. Moreover, you can also land up with the simultaneous image and video recording services. Some of the other reliable options on the cards are touch focus, face detection, geotagging, HDR photo, HDR panorama and more. On the other hand, when the main area of concern is related with video, then you can enjoy 1080p and with a secondary backup system.

Special features on the cards

  • The Iphone 6 consists of airdrop file sharing option along with active noise cancellation.
  • Siri language commands along with dictation service
  • iCloud keychain and cloud service
  • Facebook and Twitter integration and TV-out service
  • iBooks PDF reader, maps, audio or video player along with editor versions and organizer
  • Photo editor or viewing option and document editor or viewing option
  • Voice memo, command or dial option and predictive text input

Battery backup features

The latest Iphone 6 comprises of non-removable battery of the LIPO section. This can also be clearly defined as an 1850 mAh battery backup, which can last for hours. The size of the screen seems to be within the range of 5.5 or 5.6 inches. Thus, the new Iphone 6 will surely create a huge buzz after its launch, for sure.

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