iOS 8-amalgamation of best of Android with Apple

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Jay Machalani, the name behind the solution to Microsoft to solve the start menu issues of Windows 8. The solution suggested by him was quite similar to what Microsoft disclosed he wants to do with the same problem.

His recent research seems to provided solution to the major issues of Apple related to mobile operating system. It is concluded by a group of techies that he had not moved away from the basic design features of Apple and had looked for the solution. He has basically envisioned a kind of iOS8 concept which will deliver the feeling of ios Block, an amalgamation of Android widgets with the live tiles of Windows phone and is surely going to revise the problem of ios 7.


The problem with the icon of weather in the home screen of iPhone is it always reflect sunny and 73 degrees. None of the apps that are available over  iPhone are proving as a helpful hand in this case. If portrayed correctly except the animated icon of clock it will be like a twin to iOS 7. Jay Machalani has come to exchange this footling feature with diverse features. The static experience that you would have had after reading about this upcoming gadget is going to be substitute the app icons in a better manner. iPhone home screen is surely going to be a better destination under his research and big ideas.

IOS users, especially those who were looking for widgets are going to love this revolution. He has also maintained a parameter for non widget lovers which had been admired by all. IOS Blocks have given a new life to all app icons as now with the help of it you can see the big icon on the screen of the phone making it more noticeable with easy reach. The span of time that would have been invested by now in the interaction will be less and at the same time you will be able to arrest information with a foster pace. The requirement of going to the app for fulfilling any purpose could actually be eliminated and at the same time you could increase the pace of accessing any data.

What if you do not want to rendezvous with block feature of iOS?

For those who think the unscathed look of iOS 8 is better than you can go without widgets just by not using the feature of iOS Block. You can enjoy the same feeling of iOS 7 in iOS 8 without widgets.

At WWDC in 2014, 2nd June Apple is going to debut iOS 8. According to the recent updates they have decided to ignore the addition of widgets addition to their gadget so that they can turn the interface into a simple one. Somewhere they have realized that a gadget with simple interface often has a quick reach.

Final verdict

Before the conference of Apple worldwide developers it is tough to predict whether Mr. Jay’s research has been paid heed or not! Continuous rumors about iOS Block appears like a practical way to utilize the big screen of the gadget. Now it is upto Apple whether it will use this research for the upcoming iOS iteration or going to do certain experiment with the home screen in various pattern. One can only expect that they are under planning and not playing their card in an ideal manner. IOS is no doubt a luxurious gadget but if the interface of it could be rectified than no doubt it will turn as more desirable one.

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