Rumoured Features and Specs of iPad Air 2

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Apple’s range of tablets has been and still remains the best. Apple’s next flagship tablet i.e. iPad Air 2 has become the talk of the web world from the time the tech geeks were tipped about its existence. We have hardly received any authentic information from reliable sources with regard to the specifications and features of iPad Air 2, but that leaves us with enough opportunity to contemplate about its features. The fifth generation iPad, i.e. iPad Air was definitely the best of all the tablets available right now, but there is plenty of room for further improvisations thereby making iPad Air 2, the best gadget in town.


Screen Size of iPad Air 2

The concept of tablets was conceived with the notion of making computers portable. So the question is: Will a bigger size iPad Air 2 make the gadget less portable? Well, it will be definitely difficult to carry a bigger tablet along with you, but the general consensus is still inclined towards a bigger sized gadget. That being said, recent rumors suggest that iPad Air 2 will measure 12.9 inch, thereby exceeding the previous generation iPad Air by 3 inches. And it is going to come with a screen resolution of about 2K or 4K. If it turns out to be true, then watching movies on iPad Air 2 will be a different experience altogether. Moreover, there are also buzzes about a much awaited iStylus that will make iPad Air all the more user friendly.

Bluetooth Support

iPad Air 2 is supposed to be a much more powerful and it will support a variety of applications starting from the complicated graphic designing platforms to the basic ones. It will be have all the functionalities of a laptop or computer and therefore integrating it with a Bluetooth support becomes really necessary. Bluetooth support in iPad Air 2 will make it easier to connect with mouse or a graphic pen style and thereby it will be easier to handle the complicated task of different applications, specially the graphic designing platform. Bluetooth support is definitely going to make iPad Air 2 all the more attractive for potential clients.

Face Recognition

The Camera app of iPad already has the capability of recognizing faces of the user.Therefore it’s time to develop it further so that it has the ability to unlock the gadget if you just hold it up in front of your face. Other possibilities include iris recognition for unlocking the gadget and pausing movies once we look away from the gadget. However, just in case Apple includes all these features in iPad Air 2, it has to make sure that it works seamlessly.

Even iPad Air does not have the Touch ID feature which is been already used in iPhone 5S. Therefore, we expect Touch ID in iPad Air 2 and its scope would not be just limited to unlocking the gadget, it can be also used for logging in to personal accounts or downloading apps and do many other things. It can be so that Apple is still not enthusiastic to include this feature in iPad Air 2 as it would directly impact the price of the gadget.

Sensitive Screen

There is no denying the fact that the iPad screen is already very sensitive, but in iPad Air 2 we would love to see a pressure sensitive screen which will be extremely beneficial for the users. For example a little extra pressure on the URL will redirect the screen to that page and thus making the gadget extra sensitive. This feature will be particularly beneficial for the graphic artists.

Advanced Quad Core Processor


The A7 processor that is now being used in Apple gadgets is undoubtedly good. But integrating a quad core processor would increase the speed and functionality of the gadget by manifold times. This would also give Apple an opportunity to promote is flagship product with better tagline.

Camera Specification of iPad Air 2

iPad Air is already integrated with a hi-tech front and rear camera as well as HD video recording. But iPad Air 2 might come with better megapixel cameras and zoom as better camera specifications is being always welcomed by the users.

Split Screen

Another thing that we will expect in iPad Air 2 is a split screen i.e. two apps can be operated from a single screen. Therefore, users will have the option of video chatting on Facetime while checking mails.

These are the features that we are expecting in iPad Air 2. Though we are not sure, but there are chances of iPad Air 2 hitting the market in the month of November, 2014 or any time in the last quarter of 2014. We are expecting that WWDC in June, 2014 is going to reveal a lot about iPad Air 2 and we will keep updating the readers as soon as we hear more about it. Cheers!!

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