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iPad Pro, iPad Air’s successor has created a lot of buzz in the web world. iPad Pro is expected to come in bigger dimensions and better specifications in comparison to its predecessor. Market research shows that a gadget smaller in size than laptop, but with equally advanced specifications is in demand and that has triggered Apple to develop this new hybrid gadget. Hence Apple hatched the plan of coming with a cross between iPad and Apple laptops. The cyber space is blasting with rumours about the next generation iPad, so here we are putting forth before you a realistic picture about Apple’s next generation gadget.

Rumours Regarding the Release Date of iPad Pro

Opinions about the release date of iPad Pro are quite varied. But most developers are of the opinion that iPad Pro is going to hit the shelves in either November, 2014 or March, 2015. Ming Chi Kuo of KGI Securities is well known for precise prediction regarding Apple products and he opines that in 2014 we are not going to see the release of iPad Pro. This year Apple’s main focus will be on iWatch and iOS 8 which is going to see some major changes.

However, another analyst Patrick Wang of Evercore Partners suggested that iPad Pro will release this autumn itself. Analyst Rhoda Alexander suggests that though Apple has been procuring panels of different sizes in the last few months but that does not indicate that Apple is going to launch iPad Pro any time soon. Alexander further mentions that there has not been shipment of a single sized panel in large quantities or there have been any other strong indicators to suggest the launch of iPad Pro.

In the past through various instances we have seen that Apple does not follow market trend blindly. Rather it follows the current trend, studies the response of the people and thereafter makes elaborate plans to launch its product. 2014 saw the release of two 12.2 inch flagship tablets from Samsung i.e.Galaxy Note Pro and Galaxy Tab Pro. So we think that now Apple is keeping a close watch on the market and next year it is going to launch its product after a through market research.

iPad Pro’s Concept Design


A design agency Ramotion has developed a futuristic concept design of iPad Pro which seems to be good to be true. In the design proposed by them iPad Pro is presented as a cross between iPad Air and MacBook Pro which has a 12.9 inch screen size,powered by A7 processor and a screen resolution of 4096 x 3072 pixels. Moreover, the rear camera of the phone will be hidden within Apple logo and there will be three front cameras for eye recognition and 3D video calling. The four speakers of the phone will be located on the four corners of the gadget. Ramotion’s concept design of iPad Pro is too ambitious, but we feel that there is no harm in keeping our hopes high.


Another feature that Ramotion is expecting Apple to integrate in its next generation iPad is the ability to work on two applications side by side by sharing a single screen. This capability is already present in Samsung’s tablet and therefore the idea is very much possible.


iPad Pro with Mac OS X s

Another design company SET Solutions is expecting an iPad Pro to be operated on Mac OS X, instead of iOS platform. Such an idea tries to convey that iPad Pro is being developed keeping in mind the need of the business users. Moreover, they are expecting iPad Pro to come with a touchscreen and real keyboard. The real keyboard will be connected to the gadget with the help of Bluetooth.

iPad Pro Features

A 64 bit chipset has been already used in the iPhone 5S and therefore we expect Apple to use the same chipset in its future device. Therefore, now Apple’s main aim will be to improvise its iOS8 so that it is perfectly compatible with iPad Pro. Patrick Wang, a pro analyst believes that iPad Pro is going to come with A8 processor, however the question is whether it ends a A8 processor at all.

Moreover, it is expected that iPad Pro will come with better connectivity features like USB and Thunderbolt as it a hybrid of a laptop and tablet and it is primarily made with the business users in mind.

Of course we are iPad Pro to come with fingerprint recognition feature, as this technology has been already used in iPhone 5S.

Most of the discussion of iPad Pro features surrounds its size and mostly analyst are expecting it to come in 12.9 inch size. Lately, a report was being published in Korean Times where it was stated that one of Apple’s supplier in Korea has reported that in their factories 12.9 inch retina displays are being made on a large scale. Thus confirming most of the rumours.

There has been also rumours about iPad Pro coming two variations with different screen resolutions. One version will have 2K resolution with 2048 x 1536 pixel resolutions and another with 4K resolution with around 4000 pixels resolution.

As far as the price of the gadget is concerned we are not really sure, but tech geeks are of the opinion that iPad Pro would cost something around 650$. We have generally seen that Apple tries to quote a relative price for their next generation products. However, in case of iPad Pro, we don’t think that Apple will follow the same policy as because iPad Pro is going to come with much better specifications like bigger size, more powerful battery and many other features which is going to make it close to a laptop.

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