Apple iPhone 7: Release Date, Features, Price, Speculations & Concept Design

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When it comes to Apple, there is no other brand in the world of technology which can even stand shoulder to shoulder. Apple has always been a rage in the market ever since the first iPhone was released by Late Steve Jobs a decade back. Ever since the release, iOS platform has constantly been 10 steps ahead of all other operating systems such as Android, Windows, etc. Almost all of the applications are released in the iOS platform and then reach other platforms. Over the course of past few months, the spotlight has constantly been on the latest flagship models of iPhone namely 5c and 5s. Both of these models are in high demand owing to the range of features that they come with. Apple has always maintained a standard of its own and this is the reason why it has always stayed on the top. With every new release, Apple promises that the upcoming model will weigh less, having a very impressive screen, harder and sturdier exterior body, etc.

iphone-7Lately, surfeit of anecdotes regarding Apple iPhone 7 are doing the rounds and most of them happen to be baseless. But there are people who believe in these rumours and henceforth, are leaving no stones turned in order to garner knowledge regarding the range of features that the Smartphone will come loaded with. Now, let us step into the shoes of a tough tech critic and review each and every feature of Apple iPhone 7.

Features of Apple iPhone 7

iPhone7-feturesOne of the primary reasons why the App store of Apple is considered as the best lies in the fact that the applications for iOS interface are designed in a very user-friendly way. Apparently, sources reveal that the new model will have many features that have never been seen but have only been imagined. Since we are discussing Apple, we know that the company invests heavily in the market and earns an immensely lucrative share of profit out of the total percentage. Let us start off with the display screen of Apple iPhone 7.

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Over the past few years, Apple has received numerous complaints from iPhone users who have pointed out discrepancies in the display screen. Some felt that it could have been bigger in size while others complained that the screen was not sufficient enough to play videos on it. Apparently, if reports are to be believed, then Apple iPhone 7 will be having a much larger display screen that will have the capability of supporting high-definition videos easily. Furthermore, reliable sources revealed that the upcoming model of will not have any home button on it which points to the fact that users will have a full-touch model. Henceforth, display-wise the new Apple iPhone 7 is all set to be much more impressive than its predecessor models.


Now this is one section where most of the iPhone users will be left dumbfounded as the new iPhone 7 will be rumoured to have a memory of 256 GB. This has not been seen in any other phone as usually, phones come with a maximum of 128GB but not more. But it seems Apple as always have been eager to set benchmarks giving a hard time to all its compatriots. Furthermore, there are chances that Apple will be revealing its latest application as per which, users will be able to storage without any hindrance as such. Over the past few years, Apple has been criticized for the limited amount of storage that it provided and also because of the fact that Apple iPhones do not have an external memory card slot.


When it comes to camera, every mobile manufacturing company is vying to give the best camera in its Smartphones but it seems that Apple will once again give these companies a hard time since iPhone 7 is rumoured to be having a front camera of 8MP and a rear camera of 20MP. Thus, iPhone 7 owners will be able to click high-quality photographs and directly upload them on photo-sharing websites. Thus, there will be no need to carry a digital camera front next time if you have iPhone 7 in our pockets. There will be an immense improvement in the technology that will be used in the iPhone 7 and camera is one of them.


Apple is leaving no stones unturned while loading Apple iPhone 7 with the latest upmarket features that have never been seen in any other handset. This time, Apple plans to give something that it has never given in any of its previous phones. Over the past few years, Apple has given hints of including a projector in its belt of features and it seems that iPhone 7 might see this become a reality. If Apple is really including this feature in iPhone 7, then it will be nothing less than a rage among the users as they will be able to project presentations, movies, pictures, etc on a wall or screen instead of the phone.


In the present day and age, the lifestyle of people has changed to a great extent. Nowadays, we want everything to be fast and that includes our Smartphone. Thus, Apple might load up iPhone 7 with the super fast quad core A8 processor in order to give a fast performance to its users. There are chances that a processor of even better performance will be fitted but that still remain a mystery. But what remains true is the fact that users will easily be able to use multiple applications at a time without any lags as such.

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Battery Life

For Apple iPhone 7, gone are the days when the previous models used to be powered by Lithium ion batteries as Apple now plans to use organic materials in order to manufacture its batteries. Furthermore, using organic materials for the battery will give many more hours for usage than a normal battery.

4G Connectivity

Whether its Spirit networks or AT&T, Apple will ensure that 4G connectivity is supported in its device so that users can enjoy lightning-fast browsing speed. This will be a new addition to iPhone and will certainly enhance the performance of web by over 10 times.

Release date & estimated price

As of now, there has been no update on the release date of Apple iPhone 7 but it is estimated to hit the market in the third quarter of 2014 or the beginning of the next year. The new model will come in the price range of $649 to $849 depending upon the features that the buyers prefer.

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