10 most appealing Concept designs of Apple iWatch

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The best way to prevent a gadget from getting lost is to wear it. Now you cannot wear a tablet pc on your wrist. Neither can you wear a Smartphone on your wrist as that will only look stupid. The best accessory which can be worn on wrist is certainly a wrist watch. Now this is where innovative thinking and upmarket futuristic technology can come together and create a marvel. From analog to digital era, watches have come a long way. But the road goes far beyond and now comes the latest gadget straight from the house of the misfits.

Apple Watch, the flagship device manufactured by Apple Inc is presently one of the most hyped and revered devices which is yet to be launched in the market on a grand scale. Apparently, a total of 100 odd people are working on the design of iWatch round the clock and feeding it with biometric technology as a better security measure. Furthermore, the device will also monitor the health of the person wearing it. But before the model is officially launched in the market, many independent designers have already come out with their own renditions of iWatch. Some of these might not find their way to the stores worldwide but there are certainly a few which have high prospects.

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So let us pick out and throw light on the top 10 innovative Concept designs of iWatch which will certainly strike a chord with gadget aficionados.

Antonio Derosa


Gone are the days when watches used to have a holographic surface. The design of this iWatch is quite stylish and minimalistic at the same time. Unlike the holographic design, this one has a flat screen which is curved around the corners in order to make the watch even more attractive. The screen is quite interactive and at the same time, provides a very appealing display quality. There are just three external buttons on the exterior part of the watch for volume control and power. Thus, in a way, Antonio Derosa is nothing less than a Smartphone except that the size of both varies.


Zach King

hologram-apple-iwatch-alarmThis design is quite flat and henceforth, there is absolutely no scope for and screws or gears to be fitted inside. Even on the outside, no inclusions can be made because of the slim body. The interface of the device is holographic and the most appealing feature happens to be the air-projection of the apps. All of the apps of this iWatch are featured in the air and you just have to swipe your fingers in order to select these apps. Now, you do not have to swipe your fingers over glass or any metallic surface which makes it all the more stylish and futuristic. You can monitor your health on a daily basis through stats projected by the device or video call a friend.


Stephen Olmstead


Even if the design of this iWatch is quite old school, yet each and every single part of this device has a function of its own. The look might be timeless and classic but when it comes to its features, this design stands above most of the iWatch designs created by independent designers. The screen of this iWatch can be clicked in order to access the applications that it boasts of. Furthermore, there are a total two swanky speakers which come with a microphone. There are two side buttons which can be brought to use in order to access the applications. If not, then Siri is always there to assist you through voice commands.



Tolga Tuncer


Having a curved iWatch might just be the coolest thing ever and that too when the band of the watch is made using glass. Dimensionally, this design is 3.3 cm wide and appears to look like an integral member of the Macbook family owing to the fact that it comes with an integrated touchpad. The downside of this design is that the screen is not exactly touch-sensitive and for someone who has broad wrists, this device might not fit onto their hands properly. But what matters is that the watch is powered by solar energy which makes it all the more appealing.


Diccarese design


This device has been designed by a team from Italy and is quite popular amongst gadget lovers. The design has been uploaded and showcased on thousands of tech websites all over the world and supports the latest interface of iOS and furthermore, the exterior body of the device is made in such a way that ladies will certainly go gaga over it. This device looks more like an expensive bracelet and has already raised the eyebrows of various gadget gurus across the world. Turning a smart watch into a curvaceous design might just one of the toughest deeds of the world of technology in terms of innovation but the Diccarese design beats all odds.



Paul Simeonov


This particular design has been widely appreciated by tech aficionados owing to the fact that it is in a way, an iPhone that can be strapped to the wrists. Among all of the concept designs for iWatches, Paul Simeonov’s iWatch has the largest as well as the longest screen which is perfect for video calling and watching videos. You can easily check out maps and also spend hours on Facetime with your pals. There has always been a problem with the size of the screens since a person cannot view the whole screen from a particular angle owing to its long length. This device keeps a tab on the health including the heart beat rate of a person, blood pressure, etc.


Yrving Torrealba


This is a transparent design through which, you will be able to see your hands and operate the device at the same time. The idea for the same had been thought and taken into consideration long back but it was never exactly implemented in a design. This is one of the devices which can make it to the markets very soon provided that the design falls in the right eyes. The idea basically is to create something upmarket and jaw-dropping that no one has ever seen till date and Yrving Torrealba happens to be the best design for the same.

Edgar Rios


This watch also has a common classical design but the size of the screen is much bigger than that of Paul Simeonov’s design. The screen size of this design is really high and is perfect for watching videos and playing surfeit of games. Once can check out weather conditions on the phone and also check out the traditional wall clock. Furthermore, this device also comes with a very well-revered user interface. The design of the device is quite plain and is available only in black and white. The downside of this design lies in the fact that it has very less information as compared to the other devices.



This is being considered as one of the finest iWatch designs that can inspire all the other concept models. This particular design consists of a large display screen which has been placed adjacent to the face of a watch. The size of the touch-screen is similar to that of the size of any Smartphone in the present day and age. Furthermore, this device comes with a Home button along with external side buttons for multiple usages. The designing of the device has been done in such a way so as to strike a chord with all the youngsters. The exoskeleton of the device is flexible enough that it can easily fit onto the wrists.



Esben Oxholm


The Esben Oxholm design of iWatch has a metallic finishing and can fit any size of wrists. This quality of iWatch design makes it immensely unsurmountable. Another striking feature is that we are at discretion to take out any part of the iWatch in order to adjust its length which can be reduced or extended as per our wish. The only button that is present on the device is the home button. Otherwise, the design is quite plain and simple but stylish at the same time.


Henceforth, mentioned above are the top 10 designs of Apple iWatch inspired by the original design and idea of Apple Inc. There has been no revelation regarding the release date of this magnificent device but sources say it might come out during the fall season of next year.

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