Novel Interface Features of iOS 7.1 beta 3

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The iOS 7.1 beta 3 version has been launched by Apple recently, for the developers to check out its features as well as the bugs in the Operating System. There are rumours that many more beta version of the iOS 7 will be launched before the final launch of the iOS 7.1 most probably in the month of March, 2014. The iOS 7.1 beta 3 version of the OS contains a range of appreciable as well as insignificant changes,especially in it’s user interface.


Here are some of the appreciable changes that were made in the iOS 7.1beta 3 version:

One of the important refinements introduced in the beta version of iOS 7 is that the icons of the keys used in the keyboard were made of darker shades and thus producing a better contrast with the white background. This time the colour of the keyboard has been lightened to produce a better contrast effect.

Secondly, one of the biggest changes made in iOS 7 was the change in the call and receive interface. Previously, rectangular buttons were used in the call/ phone interface, but now they have been replaced by circular buttons that perfectly suit with the circular theme. Though the circular buttons are a bit less user friendly as they are not as large as the rectangular button, but they definitely make interface appear beautiful.

Thirdly, subtle changes have been also brought about in the dialling interface of the iOS 7. Previously, rectangular buttons were used for representing the numerical, but the beta version has circular buttons. However, these buttons are not as useful the rectangular one because they are of limited space and it’sdifficult to tap.

Fourthly, the power slider button is also a new addition in the new platform. Previously for switching off the iPhone the users needed to press the side button. However, in the new platform, in order to switch off the phone, they have toggle over to a different interface and thereafter slide over to the right side in the large rectangular space to switch off the phone. Thus making the function of the iPhone much more phone simpler.

Fifthly, in the new platform the users are being provided with the option of choosing betweenwhether they want the parallax effect to be switched on or off.

Sixthly, there has been some addition in the music apps as well. The Repeat All and Shuffle buttons of the apps are highlighted with neon colours so that it becomes easily visibly to the viewer’s eyes. Moreover, in the iTunes Radio a new tab is added from where new stations can be accessed easily.

Lastly, the icons of the iMessages, phone as well as FaceTime has been darkened a bit so that the contrast between the background colour and the icon is prominent. Moreover, the users are now given the option of choosing the contrast level of the screen colour.

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