5 Economical but Good Quality iPhone 5/5s Cases

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Smartphones along with being super chic are also very fragile and thus arise the question of protecting this expensive gadget as a damage done cannot be reversed. Cases are one of the most important accessories that can be of great help for protecting the iPhone 5/ 5s. The cases helpin protecting the phone from scratches, dirt and also from damages caused when the iPhone falls from the user’s hand. However, iPhone 5/ 5s user would need to buy a really expensive case for protecting their phone that will add on to your initially investment on a phone.

Just in case you are looking for a temporary solution for protecting your phone, here are some of the cheap yet superior quality iPhone 5/5s cases that would be the perfect solution to your problem.

1. Photive Hybrid Bumper case


The Photive Hybrid Bumper case is one of the best optionsavailable to the consumers who are looking for iPhone 5/5s case below 10$. This case is made from superior quality of polycarbonate that ensures durability and toughness. And the best part is it is worth only 9.95$ and so it is most the economical option available to the iPhone users.

Price: $9.95
Buy Photive Hybrid Bumper case

2. Chrome Carbon Fiber


This is another affordable option available to the users as it is worth only 10$. This case is sleek, light weight yet very strong that will protect your phone for a short span of time. The design of this case looks very professional as well.

Price: $10
Buy Chrome Carbon Fiber

3. Iconic Impression


The Iconic Impression case of iPhone 5/ 5s has a professional look and at the same time it is within your budget. It is worth only about 6.85$ and is extremely rough and tough. An extra feature present in this iPhone is that it has a pocket to carry credit/ debit card of the users. This case comes in four colours, thereby leaving the consumers with enough options to choose from.

Price: $6.85
Buy Ionic Impression

4. Monoprice Sure Fit Polycarbonate Cases


If you just want to solve the purpose and do not care about the looks of the case, then Monoprice’s case is just the right thing for you. Though Monoprice products are tagged with the word cheap, but it does not mean that they are of inferior quality. This brand is known for its lower price and at the same time superior quality and there are many options available in terms of the colour as well as style of iPhone 5/5s cases. The price range of Monoprice cases range from 4$ to 10$.

Price: $6.67 and Upwards
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5. Anker Glaze


Anker Glaze cases are one of the best options available to the consumers. This case is usually worth 20$, but they are selling a limited edition of the same case at 3.99$. This case has got thumbs up from most of the consumers and that’s the secret of its popularity. The cases of Anker Glaze aremade from TPU along with a protective polycarbonate frame and thus making the case very durable.

Price: $3.99
Buy Anker Glaze

These are some of the options that are available to the clients who are looking for good and at the same durable iPhone 5/5s covers.

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