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Not many people are aware that the iPhone can be regarded as a great source of saving and managing receipts, and hence allowing them to check their expenses. It also allows one to keep a track of their hard earned cash by providing a periodic analysis and channel them properly without any wastage. The iPhone allows users to click photographs of the receipts, import them and then categorize them as per preference with the help of some third party receipt tracking applications. Some of the major receipts tracking applications available for the iPhone are as follows-:


Shoeboxed Receipt Manager:

It is amongst some of the most delightfully designed receipt trackers available in the Apple App store. Although the application is encyclopedic in nature, it grants one to track receipts and mileages to help file for remuneration. It also allows us to generate expense reports and transfer these reports into other applications like Excel, Quickbooks, Outright, etc. for further analysis. 



The most decent description of the application is- free, plain and comprehensive. It is amongst some of the most popularly used applications in this segment because of its simplicity and user friendly GUI. It also has provisions for reading receipt-emails and then comprehending them, emailing receipts by clicking photographs and many other basic features useful for the cause.



The major principle behind this application is to digitalize the receipts by just maintaining digital photographs and does not provide any other features. It does not provide any other data for evaluating the receipts, but rather behaves as a simple application for maintaining our receipts.



A paid application, available for an effective price of $3.99, is a complete package in terms of features for maintaining receipts. The application has bagged a lot of talks because of its appealing features. The most promising feature is the sync, which allows users to share their receipts not only on the cloud but also on their IPads and IPods, along with some major applications like Evernote and Dropbox. Other awesome features that will blow our minds are- password protection, Email, AirPrint, Geo-tagging, etc.


PaperPhobic Receipt Manager:

The PaperPhobic Receipt Manager is not the customary application because it has no swells in its features. It only provides for as much information as possible for tagging and comprehending the receipts and does not provides any expense management or report generation until and unless one upgrades to the full version.


Mobile Receipt:

Mobile Receipt is a native application in this field that allows us to manage receipts securely. One need to enter the data manually for the receipts, but it still serves the purpose of receipt management beautifully. It has a very simple and traditional GUI with not much features to offer as compared to other advanced applications available today.


Fresh Xpense Capture:

The application serves the basic purpose of tagging, searching and generating reports. Apart from these features, it also allows users to access receipts from websites like via their accounts and then generates reports in the form of PDFs.


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