How To Delight Your Bookworm Of A Friend With A Gift From iBookStore!

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With Christmas beckoning round the corner, you must be racking your brains as you try to think up gifts for the bookworm in your ‘close people’ list. Well, if the person in question has an iPhone or iPad in his kitty, you can actually gift him or her books through the iBookStore. Till date, this much loved app had almost everything except that very important gifting feature, which much to the delight of the Apple users, has recently been enabled. Now you can actually look up this huge online book store and send eBooks to your friends and family. If you want to know how, just dive in!

Before we go on…

One important thing: you need to have an iOS 7 compatible device as well as the iBooks app for this.  Yes, you can also gift an iBook through a Mac which has the iBooks app installed in it.

  • Open iBooks app on your iPhone or iPad or iPod touch. You will find the ‘Store’ link located on the left side at the top. Tap on it.
  • Next you need to search for the book that you want to gift to your friend. In case you are in two minds about gifting it, you can actually look up its description section.
  • Once you are sure about the book you want to gift, you need to initiate the process. You will find the ‘Share’ button located on right side at the top. Tap on it followed by a tap on the ‘Gift’ button from the menu. On a Mac you will find a dropdown arrow next to the price. Tap on it and then choose the “Gift This Book” option from the menu.
  • Key in the details on the form, which includes your name and the user’s Apple ID. You can add a personalized, brief message. You also need to choose and type in the date on which you want to send it. You can send it on that very day or some time later. Once you have keyed in all the required information, hit next.

P.S. On iOS, you need to tap the “Today” field under “Send Gift” if you want to send it on a different date.

  • Once you get on to the next page, you will need to choose a template. Zero in on the one that suits you tastes. You will be directed to the next page where you will need to confirm your purchase by tapping on the ‘Buy’ button.
  • You are done!

That sounds quite exciting, doesn’t it? Yes, save for a minor hitch – like all other Apple’s stores, iBookStore too allows you to gift a book to someone who resides in the same country or region as you—as of now, there is no option for gifting internationally. However, the problem can be resolved to a certain extent if the recipient changes the App Store Region setting on his iPhone/iPad – doing so will enable him to receive and open his gift.

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