How can change App Store Region or Country in iOS7 On Your iPhone/iPad A Breeze!

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No, you have not landed up in any very remote location, but that’s exactly the feeling you are getting since you are unable to access that particular app on your iPhone/iPad which is the need of the hour. So what do you do?  You say – “too bad!”, and give up on it? No! A few simple steps, a few ‘tweaks’ here and there and you will be sorted! Yes, all you need to do is change the store country or region in the iTunes Store /App Store on iPhone/iPad.


You don’t need to do this every time you step out of your country or region but only in those times when you want to access an app that is available only for a particular region or country. That’s when you need to learn the ropes about changing the store on country region on Apps store and we are to help you with just that!

Doing this is no rocket science – in fact, it is quite easy enough though the difficulty levels climb up by several notches if your account has any credit/debit information. That is a bit tricky since you need to configure your account in such a way that it is no longer linked to any credit/debit information and thereafter, you can change your country region quite easily.

Here are 10 steps that can help you go about it the right way and enjoy the app you want, no matter where you are!

  1. You start by opening the Settings app.
  2. Now scroll down and go to the iTunes and App Store.Setting-iTunes-App-Store-in-iOS-7
  3. Next up is accessing your account ID. You tap on it and you follow this up by tapping on the View Apple ID.Viewing-Apple-ID-on-iOS-7
  4. Tap the field marked ‘Country/Region’.Tap-on-the-Country-Region-Field-in-iOS-7
  5. Next, you need to give your nod to the terms and conditions.
  6. You need to select the “Change Country or Region” and select the country or region you want to change to.Confirming-Country-or-Region-on-iOS-7
  7. You need to key in all your details – select the ‘None’ option in the Payments field. If ‘None’ is not an available option, key in your credit/debit card details and try the following steps. But then, chances are that you might not be able to make much headway since you can no longer set up your Apple ID or iTunes account without valid credit card information – that has been the scenario since Apple changed its policies.
  8. Once you have entered the specifications, tap ‘Done’.Change-App-Store-Country-or-Region-in-iOS-7-Successfully
  9. A notification will pop up on your screen informing you that your country/region has been changed successfully.
  10.  You can now download or purchase apps specific to that country or region.

Yes, a lot of people find it quite an ordeal to change the country or region in the iTunes Store /App Store on their iPhone or iPad but then the real trick lies in having your account not linked to any credit/debit information.

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