How to Fix TouchID Issues on the iPhone 5s

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Touch ID – the flagship feature on the iPhone 5s has set the techie world blazing with excitement. This new fingerprint identity sensor which involves use of fingerprint as your passcode has been the talk of the town in the recent times for many reasons, the chief one being that it has taken hardware security to new levels.


But then perfection is an illusion. And this new innovative feature, despite getting plaudits from all quarters in the beginning, is now being complained against for quite a few functionality issues. And while it is difficult to figure out exactly why these issues are cropping up in the first place, we can actually help you work your way around some of them.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts that you need to follow if you want your Touch ID sensor to work in the perfect order.

 Accuracy is the key operating word  

Accurate calibration is the need of the hour. Even though you might get the notification that you have ‘successfully’ calibrated your fingerprint, the fact is that it still involves a little amount of guesswork and probability. While calibrating, the trick is to hold your iPhone 5s as normally as you’d hold it during normal usage. Don’t go the extra mile and try to hold it ‘perfectly’ – not needed and might complicate things.  Next – calibrate the finger. And as you do, ensure that every part of your fingerprint is scanned. It is important to scan the tips and the edges too.

No Dampener Please!

Moisture, cold, sweat or any other form of dampness can be a real dampener – it prevents the Touch ID from working the way it should.  Damp finger or moisture coated Home Button – anything can be the culprit. The thumb rule is to use ‘clean’ and dry fingers. You should always wipe your fingers to make sure they are dry before you authenticate or unlock the phone. Again, when you are using iPhone 5s outdoors in damp, cold weather, you should wipe the Home Button before you use it to unlock the phone.

Ring Is the Thing

The home button in your iPhone 5s has a ring over it which is the one responsible for figuring out that you are about to unlock your phone and that your fingerprint should be scanned and checked. So when you place your finger over the Home Button, make sure that the rings are covered too because doing so will activate the sensors.

One for One                                                         

You should calibrate only one finger for one fingerprint listing.

Spick and Span

Wiping the home button is not the only measure that you need to take for keeping your phone clean. Dust can actually make its way under the home button which is where you have the fingerprint sensors. You need to wipe your phone regularly with a clean cloth and keep it in places where there is minimal dust and moisture.

The last option!   

If nothing else works, it is time to rest your fingerprints again.

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