Apple iWatch: Release Date, Features & Price Speculations

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There has been lot of rumors going on about a new product from Apple which is a wearable device called as iWatch, though no official confirmation has been given till now. Rumors are that many new wearable computer designing experts have been employed to work under this project with the developers of Nike FuelBand. According to the ongoing rumors, a team of around 100 members have been working under this project.


Apple is believed to be working on two different prototypes right now. Both designs are to work on a 100mAh battery. According to the reports from MacRumors, there are some issues as battery life of the iWatch prototypes last only for 1 or 2 days per charge and ways are being discovered to extend it to at least for 4 or 5 days. Some reports points that the two prototypes are of different sizes with 1.3 inch version being for women and 1.7 inch version for men. Though there are other reports, according to which the prototypes may have the sizes 1.3 inch and 1.4 inch respectively for women and men. Here we will go through all the features and specifications that are believed to be part of this tech venture.

Features and Specifications

It is heard that the iWatch is being made of a bendable kind of glass that has been developed by Corning last year which is called as Willow Glass. It can be easily used for wrapping around anything such as wrist and is a perfect product that will be used in iWatch. It will have a better power efficient mechanism for display and processor. According to the new claims, it will come with embedded software that can control all the different function in your home such as lights, heating or cooling, audio etc.

 iWatch will have all the other basic features like audio player, several clock themes, Bluetooth and more. It is going to operate on a modified version of apple`s own operating system called as iOS that is being used in devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod. It may come with interface that is focused on your physical fitness with many fitness related apps and will have the ability to link to your other iOS devices. According to some recent claims, it may have Siri and Map software from Apple.

Price Speculations

Though there are no official announcements about iWatch or anything about it. So it remains a complete mystery and it would be pretty early to discuss about its price. Though, an analyst group termed as CIMB believes that it will be priced in a range between $149 to $229. As it is obvious that Apple would not want to price it higher than its popular device iPhone, it is believed that the price will be at least lower than $500.

Release Date

According to the latest rumor was from China, an analyst told that Apple may release the iWatch in the second part of the year alongside its upcoming iPhone 6 in year 2014. Though these rumors may not be fully accurate as they have been coming from around the year 2011 but it is the most we know about this mysterious venture known as iWatch from Apple.

Apple has recently taken over the rights to the name iWatch in many countries, though in two countries (UK and US) the name was already patented before. If all the rumors about iWatch be true, it may be a big step towards future technology and will change the whole shape and functioning of the watch industry.

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