Where to find Cydia Tweaks and Apps: Best Cydia Resources of 2014

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Your entire search for apps, games, tweaks, themes and mods ends into what we call Cydia Sources. These sources are very essential to the jailbreaking society. Each source has its own different content to download. These help you to fully customize your phone for a particular specialty like gaming.  The best sources allow you to utilize as much as you can out of your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Better it is to have more sources in your Cydia list as it gives you the wider space to search and install different apps.


However, you should be very particular when it comes to downloading from a Cydia source as to make sure about the security and safety of your device. That is why it is always advised to only download from sources which are reputed and trustworthy. Below is the list of best Cydia sources available:

Best Cydia Resources of 2014

  • iForce – It is considered as one of the best Cydia source, although it is pretty small and has very less tweaks as compared to other sources. But the tweaks available are some of the best in the market. Such as AirBlue Sharing that can be used to share files via blutooth between two devices. Some other tweaks available on iForce.com are: iTether, AirBlue GPS, iBluever, BTService Manager etc.
  • iHackStore – It is another big name in the list of Cydia sources. It offers variety of content that can be downloaded and you can get limitless amount of apps (cracked) which are available for free. iHackStore is always recommended when it comes to cracked apps, you can first try and buy it afterwards if you like. Some other tweaks available on iHackStore are: ChatPic, CallLock, CameraWallpaper, NotifiedPro, GPower Pro, MyProfiles, Pwn Mail etc.
  • ModMyi – It provides you everything when it comes to modifying and customizing a iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It has maintained its second position for a long time in the market with first being BigBoss. There are numerous packages available with options including themes, wallpapers, tweaks, soundboards and more. The community forum with almost 700,000 users is the best thing about ModMyi. Some other apps available on ModMyi are: Aero, Boxor HD Theme, SpotSiri, Wake with Weather, Reveal, UnFolder etc.
  • BiteYourApple – It has variety of good apps and tweaks, though they may not be that much unique. But the best feature of BiteYourApple is that they keep on improving and updating their apps constantly. Some of the few popular apps from BiteYourApple are: IAP Cracker, Infinidock, Barrel, Graviboard, iFile etc.
  • Insanelyi – It can be included in the top list of Cydia Sources as it provides over 6,500 different packages and keeps on constantly adding newer options. There are numerous tweaks on Insanelyi and packages are even available for AppleTV. Some of the few popular apps from Insanelyi are: Dreamboard, Auto3G, iBlacklist etc.
  • HackYouriPhone – It provides the users of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch everything and anything that they could utilize and is one of the names in the top list of Cydia Sources. HackYouriPhone has all types of apps, games, tweaks, mods, themes and ringtones that you can think of. The regular updating helps users to find the coolest and newest content available in market. Some of the few popular tweaks from HackYouriPhone are: biteSMS, AnyLock, Quick Reply, Clor Profiles etc.
  • xSellize – It is the best spot for gamers and provides the standard amount of tweaks for a source to be in the top list. It offers numerous ROM packs and emulators for systems like Game Boy, NES, Nintendo 64 etc. Some of the few popular tweaks from xSellize are: AdBlock, FloderLock, Appfront, FoldersInFolders, Sleep FX etc.


 This list is prepared so that first timers and pro users can gain some help from the sources mentioned above. Though, these sources are just a small step to the new beginning as everyday new sources are being added. There are limitless apps and tweaks available in market due to the sources like these. All you have to do is explore and enjoy the content that you need for your iOS device.

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