10 Features That Can Make iOS 8 The Best Operating System Ever!

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iOS 8 is all set to make an appearance in September 2014, and with the launch date approaching, fantasizing about the future iOS 8 features is pretty much hot on trend again! Here are 10 features that have been making their presence felt almost on every techie’s wish list.


1. It is good to hide – at times!

iPhone users have been wanting for long for an option to hide pre-installed apps. It could be something along the lines of the ‘parental control’ feature that helps hide apps on Apple T.V.

2. Guests are welcome?

A guest account that can be activated by mere tapping is also a much desired feature. The account should neither interfere with the original settings and data nor should call for individual settings and data.

3. App Managing is the need of the hour!

Though iOS 7 comes with automated apps feature, managing iCloud app data still proves to be somewhat of an ordeal for developers. Whenever one might need to reinstall an app, saving and restoring should be easy enough.

4. Bonding factor  

Though iOS can easily transfer you to another app once you get a notification, it does a pretty poor job when it comes to restoring you to your original app once you are done. So inter-app communication is one aspect that Apple folks need to work on!

5. Easy, centralized access to documents

Most iPhone users still prefer Dropbox to iCloud since the latter involves file limitations as the data is confined to a particular app or ‘silo’.  The need of the hour is access to all the documents from one common focal point. Some other downers that need to be tended to include difficulty in attaching documents in Mail and the lack of opportunities to collaborate within iCloud document workflow.

6. Face Time for Groupies

While the one-to-one interaction on Face time is great when it comes to chatting and staying in touch with any of your friends, time has come to take it to the next level where you get to interact with more than one friend at the same time.

7. Notify please!

Interactive notifications are another factor that is making its presence felt on every wish list. Once you get a message, you should be able to attend to it right there without being booted out of the app you are currently using.

8.  Do not disturb…

The ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature on iOS 7 allows you to ‘silence’ notifications on a locked device. But then, you get to maintain only a single schedule. How about more than one schedule – does that spark an idea?

9. Texting Anew!

The ‘cut-copy-paste’ mode of Apple’s text selection is outdated – the clamor for new, intuitive modes of texting is just getting louder every day!

10. Wearing more than one hat anyone?

With multi-tasking being the buzzword these days, most people wish to work on more than 2 apps at once – something Apple guys need to devote some serious thought to!

Abhilash Thakur is the founder of iDeviceDog.com who has a keen eye on news, rumors and all the unusual stuff that happens around iPhone and iPad. Google

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